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EXO Sci-Fi
Suho felt a hand touch his shoulder. He opened his eyes looking into Kai's. “Are you okay? Nero said you'd been standing like this for awhile” He asked, “why are your clothes wet?” “Kai….stand back” Suho said. He ran his hand down his front, then he pulled his hand away. The water from his clothes trailed out from the cloth, as if clinging to Suho's hand. Then he brought his hands around and made the water into a small ball. Kai stumbled backwards watching in amazement. Then Suho split the ball in half, sending one flying threw the air, crashing through a wall. Leaving a small round hole. “That's amazing Suho.” Kai went to the hole and examined it. He traced the round circle with his finger. It was clean, almost like a knife had sliced it out. “Did Nero teach you to do that?” Suho remembered what he just experienced, was it real?, he asked himself. “No. It told me, it was time to embrace who I am.” “Who did?” “That voice on my mother's home planet. I saw the city Aquaria shining bright on the horizon. The oceans were bluer than any sky. It was beautiful” Suho clenched his heart, “I feel it here, in my heart, the cold waters of Amphitriusa” A smile so big and peaceful spread across his face. Kai couldn't believe how much Suho changed in the last two hours. Suho crossed the room to Kai, putting his hands on his shoulders. Looking deep into his eyes, “I saw it, I saw Exodus, I saw all the planets!” Kai believed and hugged him tightly. He breathed him in, he could smell the scent of ocean air on his clothes, on his skin, in his hair. Suho had magically crossed the universe and found himself. He pulled away, “We have to tell the others…” Suho stopped when he seen Kai's face turn grey, “What's wrong?” “I brought them, who was left.” Kai said sadly. “What do you mean?” “I went back to get them after I got that message from Chanyeol saying that he couldn't find you but I couldn't reach Chanyeol when I got to the dorm. Someone said they saw him leave but that was it. So me and Sehun went to get Xiumin, Baek and Kyung but Kyung had disappeared as well. No one's heard from him since last night when they met for our meeting. And Lay is missing too” Kai pulled Suho into the other room where the others were with Nero. “This is bad” Nero said stepping up to Suho but when he seen Suho's face, that look in his eye, he grinned despite what was going on, he patted his shoulder, “Your soul found its way home, didn't it.” Suho only smiled in return. “So what's going on?” Xiumin asked completely ignoring the new Suho, only looked at him with a bit of a scowl look on his face, “Where are the others?” “I don't know. As far as I know, Chanyeol, Kyung, Chen, and Lay are missing. I can't get ahold of them. I'm worried about Lay, he knows something. He wanted to tell me but he said he couldn't” Kai pulled his phone out again and tried to call one of them. The other end only rang and then went to voicemail. They all started to chatter amongst themselves. Nero half smiled listening to them, they were speaking to each other in their own language but didn't realize it. Nero shifted his gaze to the ground. He figured what it could be. He looked at these young men and was afraid one was going to get hurt if they go any further. He knew what he had to do, it could very well be his fault that the other boys were taken. The Grawl hunter felt he was near and is working faster toward his goal. Nero needed to protect them, that was what he was left here to do. To stop the Grawl hunter from leaving this planet and to protect these boys. The Grawl hunter had been closer to them than he had expected. “I need to prepare you, boys.” Nero said. They all turned to him. “I need to make sure you can all protect yourselves. I don't know how he found you or how you all came to be in one place but he's here. You all need to learn to protect yourselves.”
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