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Hello MooMoos and soon to be MooMoos ! This Tuesday I'll be introducing the fanart contest and sharing some of my favorite Mamamoo songs :)
Fanart Contest Rules: 1. It has to be Mamamoo related 2. It has to be your own (original) work it can be old art or new but it must be your own. 3. All art must be submitted by the deadline 4. Have fun :) Deadline: Starts today 1/10 Ends 1/30 Judging : Judging will take place on Monday 1/30 and the results will be posted Tuesday 1/31 Prizes: 1st place will win Mamamoo's Memory album 2nd place will win a Mamamoo baseball cap 3rd place will win a Mamamoo facemask *If you are a winner you will have to private message me your address so I can send the prizes to you, if you don't wish to share your address you will not get a prize and it will be given to someone else* On result day there will also be honorable mentions for everyone who participated where we will show your work if you do not wish for your work to be shown just message me before 1/31 Please send all pictures of your fanart to and type in the subject line: Mamamoo Fanart and in the message type in your Vingle username.
If you are thinking of participating in the contest comment down below so I know who's to keep a lookout for. thanks!
Now time for some of my favorite songs: 1. favorite OST - My Everything from Spy Code No5 2. favorite ballad - A little bit(Sting) 3. favorite collaboration- Don't be happy ft. Bumkey 4. favorite MV - Um Oh Ah Yeah 5. favorite special stage- It's okay (original by BtoB)
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I'm also going to try this out!
I'm going to try it out