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Heyo!!! I have another short chapter for you!!! I hope you a don't mind its in Layla's view. its funny admittedly all of a sudden I'm relating to Layla. lol. I'm sure a couple other people will too.
Layla view**** Keri had messaged me in the middle of the night asking me to hang out tomorrow. If it wasn't for the fact I was up and watching dramas I would have ignored it. But I was in between drama episodes so I answered.  In the morning I realized I stayed up almost all night watching dramas and as tired, I wondered if I could get out  of hanging out with Keri. She would get it, hmm probably shouldn't mention binge watching drama's. "Keri" I called her and waited for her to answer and spoke first. "Hey Layla" she sounded tired. Maybe I could get out of it. "Hey wow you sound tired" I commented. "I am. I just finished writing the ending to my book" she said and yawned. "Congrats." I cheered for her. She yawned again  "Thanks. I'm glad to be done. I feel like I'm going to crash soon" she said around another yawn. "Really. So then are you bailing on me for lunch?" I asked trying not to sound happy about it. "What?" Her voice was sharp all of a sudden. "You forgot you texted me at 1 in the morning to go to lunch?" I said. "That's right!" She sounded wide awake all of a sudden. "We can skip it so you can sleep" I told her. "Noo we should. It'll kick me in gear. We're meeting at noon. Its only 10 o'clock now" she said. "Well tenish. Okay yes! So excited to see you! I'm getting up and getting coffee started!" She said enthusiasticly  "Oh um-" "I'll see you! Bye Layla!" She interrupted and then hung up. I stared at my phone.  That was so weird. What just happened? Sighing I got myself up. Coffee, hell yes that was needed Now. Coffee shop here I come. I threw on a pair of pants and white fuzzy sweater and headed out. "Hey Mia! How's your morning going?" I said entering the café. The red head behind the counter looked up and she waved to me. "Layla morning!" She waved back cheerfully.  Her hair was down to her shoulders in curls and her beige hat held it back a bit. I have known Mia since high school. She was chipper and always trying to make people smile, which worked for her. She worked at the coffee shop here and got me addicted to the cafe a leche.  It was strong Cuban coffee that was so good  "Are you having your usual?" She asked.  "Yup" I took a seat at the table and smiled at her. "Alright be right back" she grinned. I would be coming back here in a couple hours with keri, maybe I should get her hooked on the same drink, she would love it. A few minutes went by and Mia brought the cup, it had a kitten face made in the foam and I laughed. "You are the bestest!" I said to Mia. "Hey when is your shift up?" I asked. "At 2 but then I have to go to dance practice at 2:30. Its a tight squeeze" she said. "Dance? Are you still doing those classes?" I asked. "I am the instructor you know" she laughed. "True. Can't not show up" I agreed. "Hey so you'll be here at noon. You can meet my friend Keri. I don't think you've met her yet" I said. "That would be fun. Yea. Oh gotta get back" she said before leaving my table and going to a couple other tables and clearing away plates and cups. I stayed for maybe 10 more minutes before heading out. I came back at noon and was trying to spot Keri but didn't. I did spot someone else though. Sitting at a table fidgeting in his seat. Grinning I went over to him and covered  his eyes from behind. "Guess who" I said next to his ear. "Keri" he said making me frown. I dropped my hands from his face. "Wrong" I said rounding the table. I took a seat opposite him. His eyes widened. "I thought I was meeting Keri here" Tae said. "I was meeting Keri here" I said. "So we both were going to?" Tae questioned. I stared for a moment then it dawned on me. "Oh that dead girl. She bailed.  Talking like she would be awake enough.  She sent you in her place didn't she?"I questioned him "Uhm. Maybe?" Tae looked confused.  When he looked confused he looked adorable. "Hi Layla" Mia came over to the table. Then looked at Tae "um I thought Keri was a girl" she said. "She is. This is Tae" I said. "Tae. This is my friend Mia who works here" I said. "hi" he waved. "you want your usual coffee?" Mia asked. "yes please. bring two" I nodded. Might as well get Tae a cup as well. when Mia left I focused back on Tae. "so you think Keri did this on purpose?" I asked smiling at him. "I think so" he nodded. "I'm okay with it, instead of talking about you I can just talk to you" he grinned. He looked so adorable. I really hoped that he realized what he just said because it totally put butterflies in my stomach.
Omo I realize I think I'm going down the line with the boys! I'm not sure if people noticed. first it was Yoongi now Tae, and someone else will be paired up next. Gosh. alright just tell me if I start getting boring with the story I'll wrap it up. but so far its not. . . . shoot I just gave away a big hint . . . oh well.
hmmmm Mia and hoseok??
not a bad idea!
My daughter said to send her Jin.....she will take him. (hahaha)
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Haha Alright Jen you got alot on your hands ..this story shall never end lol
hey hey hey I know what is gonna happen but ugh kiss already!!!!
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wrong...Kookie is too shy for that...tae...well he'll accidentally say it and then be like crap and she'll be like it's ok...ugh I'm making scenarios in my head stop it lol
Hmm, and she's a dancer...
Is Mia next??
spoilers 🎊💙 lol but yes. now who to pair her up with. lol
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