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Hi ARMYS! We are celebrating BTS all week with 'Most likely to' things. Let me tell you, picking Joonie's was hard. Cause all he is know for is most likely to break everything. With that said, my first category,

MOST LIKELY TO DESTROY EVERYTHING We all know that Namjoon is good at breaking things. Here a few examples of him making messes and breaking things. It's ok Joonie, I break things too. We are just meant to be...
MOST LIKELY TO BE A FASHION BLOGGER Namjoon is known for his photos on twitter. He is always taking pictures of himself with simple outfits. He may one day have an Instagram dedicated to his ascetic photos.
MOST LIKELY TO BE LATE TO HIS OWN WEDDING Now we know he looks good in a tux. But since he is the God of Destruction, he may have some other priorities before the wedding. Example being, he must go find new rings since he lost them. Find a new car since he broke the sterring wheel while driving. Ahaha poor Namjoon.
MOST LIKELY TO BE A PHILOSOPHER We all know Joonie is smart. And if he weren't an idol I'm sure this is the job he would pursue. Can you imagine him, a philosopher?I mean he isn't called BrainMon for no reason. Well I said he was smart. I never said he was good at saving money.
MOST LIKELY TO BE A HAIR MODLE He. Has. The. Most. Gorgeous. Hair. All the different style and things he has done to his hair, I can so see him being a hair modle. The type you find in those hair magazines, or on box hair dye. Yeah that will be Namjoon. I'm going to make it my job to tape a photo of him on a box dye. Maybe a pink hair dye box. *evil grin*
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Hahahaha! When you get here, let's print out a bunch of Joonie pics and head to the hair dye aisle....
I so can relate to breaking things, I'm so clumsy. But OMG Namjoon in a Tux please someone save me
Namjoon slays me with thoes fashion shots
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