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This weekend I went to a huge cafe in Seoul that was actually Gong Yoo's house in Coffee Prince!

They have also filmed a bunch of other dramas here, and the view from the cafe is amazing!

I also went to a bakery called SCOFF that has the best brownies in the city!

Here's info on the bakery: HERE!

Thanks for watching!

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sugar & coffee ❤💚💛💙
a year ago·Reply
I could spend so long looking out that window... too long XD
a year ago·Reply
No wonder is called Scoff, because you just want to Scoff them all down. It's so pretty ❤
a year ago·Reply
omg i want to see this
7 months ago·Reply
oh my God you had me at coffee prince that is my fav drama and now I definitely need to check out this cafe when I go to Seoul
7 months ago·Reply