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Hello my beautiful CandY Bebes. SO I'm a little late on the card, but here it is none the less. ♡
So this week, my Squad and I will be introducing our Gene's TO you all. This is for first timers to Cross Gene and to Kpop As a whole. ❦ Every few quarters, I like to help people learn my bebes.

❦ If you are new and joining us, welcome ♡ I hope you enjoy Cross Gene ♡

❦ Cross Gene 101 ❦

▪▪ I wanted to do something different and fun for the Squad starting off. So for each day, the Squad will upload Information, facts, bio, favorite videos of their Gene. The pics they will use, is their interpretation of their Gene. How they would describe them best for helping people learn them, as well as personal thoughts on them.

❦ Lee SeYoung ❦

Birth Name: Lee Se Young Stage Name: Seyoung Nickname: Miracle Gene Birthday: February 8, 1990 Position: Lead Vocalist Height: 180 cm (5'9") Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean

▪▪ Fun Facts ▪▪

• Seyoung is a vital member of the group, as he is a talented songwriter. • He enjoys writing lyrics and later composing a song on his piano. • Despite being so young, Seyoung has already fulfilled his military duties; something that no one else in the group has. • Based on his group mates’ opinions, Seyoung is friendly, kind and caring. • He often spends time listening to other’s problems and trying to find a way to help them out. • On days off, Seyoung Spends it: Going on drives • If Seyoung were to spend the day with his fans, he'd want to do it at a BBQ party "Because everyone can have fun there." • When asked if they had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of their life, Seyoung chose Mangos. • If he wasn't an Idol, he'd be a Veterinarian • Seyoung chooses Tea over Coffee

❦ My interpretation of him ❦

▪ Majestic ▪ Goofball ▪ Angelic ▪Overlooked ▪Beautiful Soul ▪Talented ▪Great Smile

Let's go back in time back to 2012. It all started with 6 young men who had dreams and ambitions. Out of these six, only 5 would stick together. JG decided on top of all the strife in his life that he no longer wanted to be in Cross Gene. When one member leaves a group, it causes an upheaval in a Fandom to where the scary reality happens, of what if.
5 Boys were left shattered and unsure what the future would hold, since the main Vocalist up and left the group. There was even talk of disbandment. That is until Seyoung Came along. He worked his ass off giving the boys one more chance to continue with their hopes and dreams. Everyone named him Miracle Gene because like his name states, he was a miracle to the group.

His heart is huge and he is humble. ♡

{He is a legit angel.}

❦ He's Extremely Talented ❦

❦ Adding this one Too ❦

❦ Mic Drop ❦

Anyone who questions his ability after seeing my card can Fight me.

❦ CandY Mod Squad ❦

♢ CandY Babies ♢

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I think I've fallen in love 😍
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Wow! I love your member intro card. I can't wait to see the other members cards now. ❤
Thank you so much Melissa! ♡ I'm excited for this
That's one reason why CG is amazing because of this angel to breath life admist the chaos.
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