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MY VINGLE FRIENDS!!! IF YOU LIKE YAOI AND YURI ON ICE THEN YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ THIS!!! All you have to do is just click on this link and BAM!! WARNING!!!!!! MATURE CONTENT IN THIS FANMADE MANGA!!! DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOUUUUUU!!! ^^ http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/yuri_on_ice_dj_i_want_you_to_tell_me_your_love/mf/c001/ credit to artist anime: Yuri!!! on ice tags~ @JadeOwens @Matty1997
Thanks for sharing 😊
this was cute
I was literally just thinking about how someone probably already made a dj and then THIS APPEARED RIGHT AFTER THE THOUGHT! This is wonderful. Now I wanna see one with Viktor as the seme 👍🏼
Can you please tag me in your posts? 😁 Thank you 🤗
no problem @ScarletKitty
can you please tag me in ur manga postes? :3
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thank youu😊