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Hello hello angels and hopefully soon to be angels!
Welcome to Chunji day where I shine lots of love on Chunji and share all of his special moments with all of you!
But first let's get to know Mr. Lee Chan Hee aka Chunji
General Facts:
Given Name: Lee Chan Hee
Stage Name: Chunji
Birth date: 10/5/1993
Position: Lead Vocalist
Interesting Facts:
-He has a brother that is 5 years older than him
-His favorite colors are pink and yellow
-He like Hello Kitty
-He wanted to be a singer since he was in elementary school
-He LOVES high school musical (all of them)
-In fact he wants to play a lead part in a Korean take on High School Musical one day
-He also wants to sing ballads and/or OSTs
Teen Top related facts:
-Chunji had his own special audition for Teen Top
-For his audition he sang Chris Brown's "With You"
-His stage name means "to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth"
-He feels he is jinxed on stage if he drinks water before performing
-His voice is known as the "Power Voice"
Chunji enjoys reading, brain games and puzzles. He often will play games on his iPad while in the dressing room or be reading a book. Chunji also enjoys going out on his own. He has admitted to leaving the dorm and going to see a movie by himself.
Lol well hopefully you fell in love with Chunji even more! See you next week!
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he's a very talented cutie ❀
😍😍 yes... yes he is lol