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Here is our squishy leader ^^ (but i never forget ㅋㅋ Every Tuesday we will bring you some Onew!!!
Recently he did a VR for an awards show where they aged him. (Key and members of Infinite where also in this.)
I have to say I think he is going to age wonderfully and im so excited!
Just picturing him holding his grandchildren make so happy! (that is if he gets over his fear or children XD)
And he will definitely still be rocking ring ding dong in his old age!
So lets watch and support them forever XD
plus Taemin can keep him young ㅋㅋㅋ
He is just the cutest....I'll be so sad when he has to enlist, and I know it's coming up soon.
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we will survive and wait for awesome comebacks
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He is so cute!
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