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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)
Y/n's POV When you two went to dinner that night, you both discussed what you wanted from each other. Kiseok understood what you wanted from him as far as a relationship went. You wanted him which was simple, just his time and his attention when he could give it to you. What Kiseok seemed to want from you was your body, the promise that no one else could have it but him. He wanted you to be completely his. In bed, you were his kitten; in the streets you were his baby Y/n. Kiseok just turned out to be the kind of guy that made you cautious when you were sober. You couldn't figure him out and that had you questioning him but you were growing stronger feelings for him. After that dinner, you two were officially dating and he took you out to eat with his friends and he'd invite you over to play video games with him. He was giving you his time like you had asked and you were enjoying being with him. When he slept with you, he let you drink a glass or two of wine before you guys did anything since it seemed to bring out another side to you that he liked. You weren't aggressive but you weren't reserved either. In that time, he also learned about the things that you had done with your old boyfriend. Being tied up, using sex toys, role play most of the stuff you were good with but you weren't a huge fan of sex toys. Kiseok was looking for new ways to play with you. Ae-cha and Hakyeon continued to beg you to be careful and even Seonghwa questioned you on your decision. Kiseok hadn't done anything yet to get this bad reputation that everyone was making him seem he had and that only messed with your head. What was so bad about him? What did you need to be careful about? Everything was great right now. You had made it two months in and things were going very well. You walked into his living room of the penthouse wearing shorts and big fuzzy socks. He had his lap top on his lap and a lollipop in his mouth. Where was he getting these lollipops, seriously it was like an addiction. You sat down next to him on the couch and you noticed the TV was muted but he had headphones in. You looked at him then reached for the remote and turned the TV volume back on. You curled your feet under you and scooted closer to him to rest. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and he pulled out a headphone to push in your ear. Your eyes had already fallen to peak at the picture on his screen yet the moans in your ear were still surprising to you. He snuck the controller from you and muted the TV again. You looked up at Kiseok, "Um." You started feeling your cheeks heat up. You looked back down at the screen, a guy was riding into a female from behind quiet hard while she was in a train car bathroom. Her moans were loud and every once in a while the shot would change to someone outside of the bathroom in the same train car looking back in curiosity. It looked like an old western type of setting the kind of stuff you watched growing up with your brothers, well without the sex. You felt Kiseok's hand come to your shoulder lightly but you'd been paying such close attention to the scree that his touch made you jump. He chuckled, "Did I scare you baby?" He said. "Uh, Um no it's just-" He laughed, "You're horny." "What? No!" you said. "Yes you are." "Kiseok shut up!" You hid your face in his chest and he laughed bringing you closer to him. He kissed the top of your head and slowly lifted your face. He hovered his lips over yours, his eyes were dark and staring into yours. Your body was heated and your breathing was already shallow. You swallowed hard and came close for the kiss but he denied you his lips making you needy. You whined lightly while his thumb found your bottom lip, "You look so desperate." he said. "Kiseok." You whispered. He brought his lips closer to you so close they almost touched yours. He held your face so you wouldn't move. The sound of the girl's moans were faint but the sound was loud enough you could still hear them coming from the head phones. He pushed his thumb into your mouth for you to suck on. He moved it against your tongue adding a little pressure on it. Your tongue swirled around his thumb and you moaned lightly feeling a coil in your stomach. He pulled his thumb out of your mouth and came up to your lips again. You were waiting for a kiss. Your hands gripped his shirt and you pulled yourself up to him but he kept the distance between you two. "Go get your bell kitten." He said He brushed your hair behind your ear and let you go. You got up and went to his room, you moved quickly grabbing the bell and tying it around your neck. You crept back over to him and curled up next to him. The computer was off of his lap but you could see it was still playing. He ripped out the headphones and let the sound play in the living room. His lollipop was now resting in an empty glass he'd originally had water in. Once you were curled into his body he came around and topped you. He laid you back into the couch kissing you hard. You moaned deeply, happy to finally feel his lips crash against yours. The motion he made was hard and heavy. He tasted like blue raspberry because of his lollipop. His hand moved up your shirt and you came off his lips to moan loudly, "Fuck kitten you want it bad don't you?" He said. You nodded panting already. You sat up for a second so Kiseok could pull off your shirt and he tossed it to the side. He quickly undid your pants and you pulled him down to kiss you. His finger pushed past your panties going to your clit and down your slit. He dipped two fingers in you while you two shared heavy breathy kisses. "Fuck." He said against your lips. You moaned while your leg climbed higher. His heavy breathing was so sexy and the way he moved as if he needed to eat you up that second had you moaning and tightening around his fingers. He pumped into you faster, making you scream over the girl's moans on the computer, "Shit Y/n you're so fucking wet. You liked watching it that much kitten?" He said. "Ahh! Kiseok please." You said grabbing his shirt. "Please what, don't tell me you're about to cum Y/n. I won't let you." He smiled. Your heart was racing and you pushed up and sat on top of Kiseok's lap. He laughed while you began to ride his fingers. You kissed him while your hand reached between your bodes and undid his pants. You grabbed his swollen heat and spread his pre-cum around his tip. You started moving your hand up and down slowly on him but your hips rocked powerfully on his fingers. He groaned, having you jerk him off while your heavy pants greeted his face and you looked him straight in the eye with your mouth ajar to take in air had him so fucked out. He swatted your hand off of him after he removed his fingers from your heat. He pulled you down roughly on him making you scream, "Fuck!" You immediately began moving, riding him hard. Either your moans drowned out the video or it stopped playing but it had done its just in making you hot and bothered. Your bell jingled and Kiseok bucked his hips into you each time you came down. You leaned back getting a better angle while he pulled you down on him repeatedly. "Shit!" He moaned loud. You were just as loud as he was. "Come on baby squeeze me tighter. Oh fuck, just like that. Fuck kitten, come here." He wrapped his hand around your waist and turned you over onto the couch. He moved behind you laying you on your side and lifting your leg up. He turned your head and you kissed him, your tongues at war as he bucked his hips into you roughly. You moaned into the room in love with the feeling he was granting you. He gradually started fucking you faster. He slid in and out of your body with speed and power and your core tightened around him. Every amazing feeling he was giving you was driving you crazy. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum! Ohhh- Fuck!" You screamed in a high pitch. He groaned when he felt you come. You gripped the pillow on the couch and tried to muffle your screams but he yanked it away and he kissed you. He continued turning you until you were on your stomach. He pulled your butt up and he began to pump into you fast. You listened to him groan behind you. He came down, still pounding into you and his lips kissing your neck. He groaned in your ear; he pulled out of you and started jerking himself off. You felt him stream his hot ribbons on your lower back and ass. He was panting heavily and he started to grind against your ass to ride his own high down. "Kitten you're so good." He breathed. "Kiseok." "Hm?" He hummed. He laid down on top of your body hugging you close to him. "When you go on tour again, will you text me?" You asked. "Sure kitten." He said sleepy. You believed that people are most honest at a time when they were most vulnerable. After sex was a time you believed he was most vulnerable, you believed he told you the truth. He told you he liked you, he always said he did... Kiseok had been on tour for a few weeks now and he hadn't texted you back. You figured he was busy but you'd seen his posts of him partying on instagram. All you texted him was a hello and he didn't respond back. Days went by and he said nothing back to you. You were wondering if you'd done something wrong. You ended up texting Gray, You: Is Kiseok upset at me? Did I do something? 50 Shades: No why would you say that? He answered back a few minutes later. You thought about what you'd write next. You: Sorry you two must be really busy right now I'll text you later. 50 Shades: Y/n we're at a party, we're not busy at all. Yeah you figured they were. He was a party boy after all. You were the type to settle but he said he liked you. You tossed your phone on the bed with a heavy sigh. Ae-cha walked past your room as you were pulling your hair behind your head. "Y/n? What's wrong babe?" She said coming in. You looked up and gave her a smile, "Nothing I'm just- bored I guess." "Well me and Hakyeon are going to a movie want to go hang out? You've spent a lot of time with Simon, we haven't hung out in a while." She said. You nodded, "Yeah let me get dressed." You said. "Okay." She said. She left the room and you quickly got up to get dressed. Kiseok's POV Kiseok was finally on tour and he was with the rest of the AOMG crew. Y/n had work so she couldn't come along for the half that was still in Seoul, which gave Kiseok free reign to do what ever he wanted to do. Jay, him and Seonghwa hit the clubs when rehersals were over. During the sound check, Y/n texted him to say hello. He only looked at the text; he was going to text her later but he hadn't. He was having too much fun partying with Seonghwa, Jay and Hyukwoo. "Aye Simon, when are you going to keep your promise to that little girl of yours?" Jay said half drunk. Kiseok leaned against the couch in the lounge and said, "What promise?" He said making a face at Jay. "Didn't you tell her you'd call her or something? We've been here a few days now." Jay said. Kiseok rested his hands behind his head and said, "She'll be fine I'll do it later." "Jay you know Kiseok by now, he'll do what he always does. He'll give her attention and say the right things but when he's away it's play time for him. She'll end up hurt and we'll be back to square one." Seonghwa said. Kiseok gave him a disgusted face, "What makes you think I'd hurt my kitten?" "She thinks you're mad at her. I'm sure she's already hurt." Seonghwa said. "Would you just stay out of it? She's not going anywhere. I'll text her when I get a chance." "You have a chance now." Seonghwa sang. Kiseok stared at him. The look he gave him was clearly him telling Seonghwa to shut the hell up. Seonghwa just rolled his eyes. He didn't know what he was talking about Y/n wouldn't think something like that just because he hadn't called her. Though he did promise her he'd text her. He pulled out his phone and looked at her contact number. He sighed. He'll do it later. It wasn't that big of a deal. They had been around each other continuously for the past few weeks and he was getting time away from her. She probably wanted time away from him as well. He'd text her tomorrow for sure. Tomorrow came, and the day after that and the day after that but he hadn't called her. He partied and he performed. He drank and he performed and he was having the time of his life. He forgot about her text... Y/N's POV "Y/n come on!" Hakyeon called to you. "No I already told you I don't want to go." You said. "Ae-cha wants you to go and you know if she comes in this house she's dragging your ass out kicking and screaming. It'll be like another version of the Exorcist." You poked your head out to stick your tongue out at him. "Look what's the point in moping about because he's on tour, if you're like this every time you two won't last." Hakyeon said. You groaned, "Fine!" You walked out of your bedroom in a short silver dress that flashed in the light, your hair was in waves and your diamond studs were in. Hakyeon's eyes got big, "Holy crap you're even wearing makeup!" He said. "She can never say I didn't do anything for her." You said and you walked past him. Hakyeon laughed as he followed you outside of the house. Ae-cha was waiting in the car and when she saw you she smiled, "Well I'll be damned you actually dolled yourself up." "Let's just get this over with." You said. She was taking you out to the club with Hakyeon. Those two had decided you were moping around too much and that you needed to let loose and get wild. You guys walked into the large club and Ae-cha had her latest Beau on her arm. He met you three there, no doubt her plan so she could ride back to his place. She took you over to the bar and got two shots of tequila. She handed you a shot and clinked glasses with you. "Tonight we party baby." She said. You shook your head and took the shot with her. She laughed at the face you made and shook her head. "Tell me, in the past two months what has made you so crazy about Kiseok?" She said grabbing onto your arm and walking you out onto the dancefloor. "He's hot, we have great sex and we get along really well." You answered. "Sweetie those are three great reasons to screw a man not date him. Come on, tell me what it is about him that gets your blood pumping, you're heart racing, your loins burning." She said the last part in a creepy suggestive way that made you laugh. You sighed and thought back to when he called you the night you left the house. You liked the way he cooed your name. He did it all the time when he wanted your attention. You liked the feeling he gave you when he held your hand or the way he looked at you like you were the only one. You liked that he called you his kitten during sex. You liked that he wanted to hear the bell ring. You liked that he had that odd habit of feeding you almost everything he had, his candy, his desserts, any food he had with him at the time. Still you felt like he was pulling away from you. You remembered his driver told you not to get used to him being that sweet. Kiseok had another side to him that resulted in the end of all his relationships. Seonghwa had said the same thing to you the other day on the phone. He simply sighed when you called him to ask how Kiseok was. You thought maybe he was stressed and that's why he didn't text back. You stopped trying to talk to him just out of fear that you were annoying him. If you just knew what was going on your troubles would be settled but Seonghwa had told you he was fine and having fun. He was partying all the time. They did say he was a party boy. Still you had hoped he would've said one word to you. Instead Seonghwa said, "Kiseok isn't a commitment guy Y/n. I don't want to sound harsh but don't think you're anything special, sooner or later he'll do something to ruin it between you two. He always does." You knew you could count on Seonghwa for help. There was no doubt he was pulling away though, you just didn't know why. You were lost in thought and Ae-cha was leading you through the crowd when you ran into someone else. Ae-cha turned around letting your arm go just by reflex but you stood there stunned at the face in front of you. Shit. "Jihoon." You said stunned. Kiseok's POV "Shit I'm so drunk!" Kiseok laughed loudly in the lobby of the hotel. Jay and Seonghwa were carrying him back to the hotel room. They were laughing at his drunken declaration. "Guys listen, listen. I love you. You're just the best friends ever and your so cute. Not as cute as that waitress back there but you're not bad looking guys." Kiseok said. "You're right Jay, he's had way too much to drink." Seonghwa said. "That's an understatement." Jay laughed. They got him into the hotel room and sat him on the couch. He slouched down in the couch and looked as if he were going to sleep but he groaned and sat up. "Baby Y/n!" Kiseok yelled as if she were in the room. Seonghwa and Jay looked at each other. "Kiseok she couldn't come with us she has work, remember?" Jay said. Kiseok blinked a few times, "Someone call her, call her and ask her to make those peanut butter cheesecake things. Those were great! Call her and tell her I love her." he said. "You can call when you're sober." Jay laughed. "No, I can't call her." Kiseok said. "Why not?" Seonghwa asked. Kiseok stared out at the wall before him. His head hurt but his heart hurt worse. It was like suffocating. He couldn't fathom how drunk he was and what state he was in: in a truth serum state. One tear built up in his eyes. "She's just like her. She acts like her and she looks like her but she's not her." Kiseok said. "Who?" Jay asked. "Gi Jung. Y/n and her act just alike. Alcohol makes her loosen up but she's really reserved when she's sober. She likes to cook and she loves children. Gi Jung did all those things. She looks like her, that's why I wanted her. I need her." Kiseok said. "Kiseok you can't just use Y/n as her replacement." Seonghwa said. "I want Y/n though. She's like Gi Jung but she's different. I want her." Kiseok said fading off into his own slumber. Kiseok always messed up for one reason and one reason only. The first girl he ever loved and promised to marry, Gi Jung. She'd loved him when he was still in underground rap and he was nothing. She told him he'd make it, she'd told him he'd be bigger than he could imagine himself being. She told him she'd be there to see it happen. Then she was diagnosed with cancer. By the time Kiseok accomplished his goals Gi Jung was already gone. She never saw what he became, she never saw that she was right he was bigger than he could've imagined. She was the first woman he loved so to him there was no one else like her. If he started to feel something for a girl it became self sabotage and he dove into partying and drinking and having fun for the moment. His friends didn't understand that, they did know her, they didn't know how much he loved her. During one of those parties he'd fuck up and kiss another girl or even sleep with her and then came the break up. It was a perfect out for him because he couldn't just break up with them out right. Gi Jung was the first girl he loved so in his opinion he had no right to love another woman but when he was with Y/n, the reason he wanted her so bad was because he could see all the similarities between them. She reminded him so much of her; he didn't want to let her go. Still she wasn't Gi Jung so self sabotage set in again, he was trying to push her away before he fell too deep. Everytime he was with her he loved her more. His baby Y/n, his kitten. She was supposed to be all his yet he didn't want himself to have her. So he ignored her calls and forgot about her but drunk men told no lies, he wanted Y/n. He loved her. He needed her...
CHILD YOU GOT TO CHILL 😱❀😱❀.... omg how long do i have to wait for the next one...aah its going to get good
I. NEED. MORE!!!!!
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WHOA! girl!! this is deep! I'm so ready for the next one!!!!!
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omg that ending woo I love this story
That's makes me happy! Glad you like it.
damn u gotta put in the feels. the exs back story. great damn u
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