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Sleep was elusive and non-existent after that last text. She wasn’t sure if that was his goal but it pissed her off. She’d just dozed off when her alarm went off at 5:30am. Her agent would be there within 30 min, leaving her time to stumble into the shower and grab a pop tart on her way out the door. It’s a good thing her mom sent regular care packages or she would likely starve. Sleeping and eating; she valued both way too much and they often argued for her attention.
Today’s shoot was outdoor sports wear, meaning she had to be outside all day. She had hoped that living in South Korea would be nicer to her skin and she wouldn’t burn so easily after being in the sun for 15 minutes. Well, it was too a point; she could now last an hour with SPF 100. Her make-up artists were very good at how to cake the SPF on under her make up without making her look like a swollen pig.
During a water break, she flipped through her phone. Nothing much interesting on social media; however, there was a text, sent 2 hours previous.
GD: Good Morning
She responded simply: Grrr
She was sure he had a busier schedule than hers, so she put her phone down knowing it would be a game of hit and miss if he texted back. Thirty minutes later during a costume change, her phone dinged.
GD: Grrr? Is that a good grr as in you’re an animal in the morning or a bad grrr that I did something wrong already?
JAK: Bad grrr. Aren’t you busy?
GD: I have a small break, how is the shoot going?
JAK: Grr as in my make-up artist wants you dead.
GD: Ha ha ha, why? Do I know them?
JAK: Probably, but its because I’m beyond pale and my shoot is outside. After someone texted me last night I got no sleep… hm. She says purple does not match my skin tone or outfit.
GD: :D Sooooo… you couldn’t sleep? You didn’t dream about me? Or couldn’t sleep thinking about me? :D
JAK: You’re cruel and unusual punishment, I have to go.
She threw her phone down and headed back out. There were only a few more shots and she’d be done for the day. She was beyond exhausted but didn’t dare drink caffeine until after the shoot was over. She was a professional after all, she knew she couldn’t control herself once she started downing caffeine.
On her way home her agent dropped her off at the market just around the corner from her apartment. ALL the junk food piled into her basket. Ramen, Potato Chips, a sandwich because she needed real food, and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.
Arriving home she let out a happy sigh, finding herself alone. Dumping everything out on the counter she started in on the chips while the ramen was in the microwave. She’d guzzled about a third of the Mtn Dew when her phone dinged.
GD: Still mad at me?
JAK: Nah. I was tired, I’m in a GREAT MOOD now. :P
GD: Oh? What happened?
JAK: I GOT FOOD and CAFFEINE, oh yeah man. All’s right in my world now.
GD: Ooook. Can I see you later?
JAK: I don’t know that you can handle me on caffeine. My mom just laughs when I'm on caffeine and punch drunk, doesn't even try.
GD: Punch drunk? You’re drunk?
JAK: Psh I don’t drink alcohol seriously? Dude I got ADD, I don’t drink.
GD: What is this punch drunk? Isn’t punch a drink?
JAK: It’s a female family thing. We all get really crazy when we’re tired; enough so that people think we’re drunk. Dude, I don’t need no alcohol, I be ALL the kinds of crazy.
Her phone stayed silent for a bit. She shrugged and went back to eating and watching her anime on her phone. On a whim she decided to test him. She messed her hair up wild and pulled the dorkiest face she could think of; a real winner of a selfie and sent it to him.
Another 30 minutes pass and she can see that he’s opened it but she still hasn’t received a reply. She sighs, 36 hours isn’t bad for a guy, especially a celebrity. She turns off her anime and turns on Spotify; loudly.
She’s in process of singing, extremely animatedly and dancing around her apartment. She’s even doing her own interpretation of the chicken dance with the twerk when she turns and stops. She falls to the floor in a laughing heap, hiding her head with her hair as Jiyong stands in her doorway watching.
When she realizes she’s laughing she quickly covers her mouth and tries to stop but it only gets worse. He becomes worried and kneels in front of her, trying to uncover her face. She’s whipping her head back and forth, not just laughing but now hiccupping as well, tears running down her cheeks.
When he pulls her hands from her face the only word she can get out is, “SHIT!” before the giggles hit her again. She tries to fan herself to stop but she knows it won’t work.
“How… how…” she points repeatedly at the door.
“How did I get in? Some nice old lady downstairs let me in with her and your door was unlocked. Do you always leave your door unlocked while so otherwise occupied?”
She tries to stop laughing once more. He’s never heard a laugh like hers before and pretty he's not only worried but laughing also.
“No…” she tries to smack him, “No….” breathe, “so mean”.
To stop her from hitting him, though she doesn’t hit hard; he sits down and grabs her arms, turning her into his embrace. “This is the caffeine or punch drunk?”
At her nod to both he shakes his head and tries to help her settle down.
“I’m worried you can’t breathe. Come on, breathe in, out, breathe in, out. Any better?”
For a moment she seeems to have calmed down but within a minute the giggling has started again. He tilts his head, unsure of what to do with her.
“Can’t… help… it…hurts… ow…hurts, “ she gasps as she tries to stop the laughter.
“Do you have anywhere else to be?” He asks and at the shake of her head he looks at the bed rolls, “Which one?”
He helps her up and leads her over to the bedroll. As he unrolls it, she starts to pout.
“I don’t want to sleep yet, I’m still hungry.”
He pulls her down onto the roll and commands her to lay down. “You need sleep!”
She obeys, finally getting comfortable, than opens her eyes to look at him.
“Why are you here?”
He taps his phone and on the lock screen is the weird selfie she’d sent him an hour ago.
“When presented with this enchantress you really expected me to stay away?”
Burying her head under her pillow, she moans, than pops her head back out.
“You know what? I don’t even care right now. I’m too tired and its your fault. This is just me, you can leave now, it’s been nice talking to you.”
He takes her hand while he remains sitting next to her, “I’m not going anywhere.”
“No, really, you should go. My roommates. Never know when they’ll be back… they..mob you…” she whispers as she nods off to sleep.
LOL....and I thought I was bad punch drunk.
I love that laugh, it's so infectious! Looks like Ji is ready for the selfie and the silly, now hopefully he can survive the roommates if needed. 💜
I've seen a caffeine high bigger then that.
Wow that's some crazy caffeine high! lol😂