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I will share this i was listening to alot of songs that were by each member of big bang as I wrote this turned out very different from what I had originally planned but I really hope you enjoy this one... Alright so.... Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 19 Continue reading? Part 21


It had been several weeks since the two had broken up. Jungkook drastically changed. All he did was work and when he didn't have work and should be sleeping he would sit on the Sofa and stare at nothing.

Jungkooks POV

"Why" Escaped my lips at practice one day "Why what?" Jimin asked "Didn't you say break ups are easy?" I asked Jimin. "When you are the one breaking it off." "So she's fine? She's moving on?" I didn't like the idea of her with someone else. "Well maybe." Jimin said which caused me to look down. Was she happier there? "Jimin shut up! You don't know how Sarah is feeling." I turned to see Jin. "Well..." "No, Kookie listen to me, break ups suck for both people, You don't know how hard it might have been on her to break it off." Jin said and I started tearing up. "Kookie it's hard when you really love someone and want to be with them and cant." Tae said. I took a deep breath. Alright stop thinking about her right now. I need to keep focused. "Ok let's stop this talk and finish practicing." Namjoon said and walked over to the stereo. . . . . ... ... ... . . .... .... .. . . . . ... Finally we got home and I sat down on the couch and turned the tv on. I just needed a distraction. "Dude we need to fix him." Jhope said "He'll be fine soon enough." Yoongi said and walked away. "I hope so." and finally I was left alone.


"Oh look at that I'm beating you!" Sarah laughed "I'm being nice and letting you win." I said smiling she was too cute. "Sure." She moved closer to the edge of the couch. "Want me to prove it?" "Sure why not." She smiled and hit the start button. The next few minutes we played and I beat her. "Told ya!" I laughed. She turned to me with an pout on her face. "Why would you do that?" She looked like she was about to cry. "I'm sorry don't cry." I placed my hand on her cheek. She looked down and bit her lip. "Sarah look at me." I said and she didn't move her head but she looked up at me. She was giving me those puppy dog eyes. "What?" She asked. "I know your game." a smirk slowly went across my face. "What game?" She moved her head to look straight at me. "You know." I moved closer to her. "I dont." "Ok play that way." I pressed my lips to hers. She smiled against my lips as kissed me back. *Cough Cough* We didn't seperate. "Hey if Jin walks in and sees this he'd be having a stern talking with the both of you." With this we pulled away from each other and laughed. "Thanks Jimin for ruining our fun." Sarah said and set her controller on the table. "You are very welcome." He said back. "Well I should probably go anyways." She stood up. "Why don't you just stay the night? It's already late out." I hoped she would stay. "I can handle myself. " She started walking towards the door. I quickly put my arms around her and was back hugging her. "Please just stay with me." I whispered into her ear. She turned her face so she could glance at my face. "Why do you have to play that card?" She asked "Because I want you to stay." "Fine." She said and took off her shoes.


That's right! I quickly pulled out my phone and called her. Hoping she'd answer. After several rings she picked up. "Hello?" "Sarah." She sounded exhausted "Yeah." "I have something to ask." I stated "What is it?" "Can you please Just Stay With me?" It was quiet for a little bit. "Jungkook?" She finally said my name. "Yes?" "I......I'm sorry." She started crying. "Sarah don't cry. Please just let's fight for us, I'm miserable with out you." "I can't....please don't call me again. I wasn't in my right mind when I answered." "Your lying." "I'm not. Goodbye Jungkook." She hung up. Why didn't that work? It worked before. I glanced at the door. There was no way she'd be coming back. "Jungkook?" I turned to the voice. "Yes Tae." "Can I sit with you for awhile?" "Why not. " I turned back to stare at the tv. "Why don't you take a sleeping pill?" Tae asked "It won't work." "Are you sure?" "Tae...I don't want to sleep, because then I just dream of her and then I wake up expecting her to show up and she doesnt. I don't want to dream anymore." "Kookie, it'll get better eventually." "Not soon enough." "I'm sorry, but you need sleep." Tae said and then he put his hand over my mouth. I tried to lick his hand so he would move his hand but he wouldn't eventually I swallowed and took whatever medicine he put in my mouth. "You need to be well rested for the concert tomorrow." Tae said Finally after a few more times of me swallowing he moved his hand. "I'm want to hate you right now." I said as I started to get a little sleepy. "I know but you know you need to sleep. We will deal with the other things later. Ok?" I started crying. "Tae I miss her." "I know buddy, we never thought you'd be this heart broken when she left." "She wasn't going to break up with me when she I was going to be ok...she doesn't want to talk to me." "We all are here, we can try to make it better." "I wish she'd come back to me" I said and then leaned up against Tae. "I know buddy." Tae said as he patted my head. "I just want one more day with her." I said and then sleep took me.
I'm going to admit my fave song came on! Just One Day so of course I added that near the end.. also short spam of Kookie during that mv... Little fact about me: I love the song so much it makes me happy when I am in a horrible mood and it was the song that made me go crazy for 2014...June 2014 to be exact Cuz thats when I had a rental car for a whole month and listened to nothing but kpop on the satellite radio. (2 months after the mv was released I guess lol.) BTS #: @21francoamberco @93yogurt @4dalientae A: @AbbyRoscoe @AimeeH @applecake452 @AdreannaLyn @aliahwhbmida @AmiArt @AlexisRiver @AyameTenchu @AshleyAndino @amberg171997 @anarose @Alyessiazavala @AlisonYui @AdeleLynn @ArmyVIPKayla @ammagrande @AlexisRiver @AvisSpirit @AnnieGoodman @aliendestina @ARMY98 @Anime4life20 B: @BtsIsLife @BrendaPham @BetseyBleau @BelencitaGarcia @BulletproofV @BridgetJara @BTSxEXO @BetseyBleau @baileykayleen @bubblekookie @BangtansQueen @Bangtanss @Breezeelizabeth C: @Cassierchiqua @CreeTheOtaku @ChelseaAustin @cutiepandacat @chisom756 @CheyenneJessee @CamrynCherry @CallMeMsDragon @Choijiah @CrystalV @ChelseaJay @CrystalGuerra @catchyacrayon @conversehigh @Chace @cherriblossom17 D: @DekaraMiller @DanaAmoi @DiamondGregory @DanaMichelle @DawanaMason @DeyaniraEstrada @drummergirl691 @DesireeChucklez @DestinaByrd @Defy24601 @disorono @DonnaLykaRoxas @divanicola05 @DeniseNishikawa E: @EXOAsf @Emealia @EWillsea @elizabeth1234 @Ercurrent @EmilyCayetano @EwSeungkwan @EniorehFrancois @Eliortiz13 @EmmaJolie @exobts947 @EverieMisfit @elainarenea F: @Falselove @funfunbunbun @fionafifimonkey @faith92 @FromBlue2U G: @gyapittman @Gaarita100 @Gaehwa @Gladness @GeniferEskue @GreciaFlores @GwenCooper H: @Helixx @HopeAndSunshine @hopekookie @HyunnieKim @HopeYoongi @heidichiesa @HayleyEastman @hyunsaeng638 @hanheeyoung1126 @hayoungforever I: @Ilikepancakes @inuyashagal @IsoldaPazo @IsisMayaVelasco @Ivonvons @Izzy987 J: @jeonjungkook8 @JessicaSchnipke @JayDaeKang @justcallmekyki @JasmineGregory @jojojordy2324 @jjrockstar @jaebumbae @jiminakpop @JackieG1617 @JessicaFigueroa @janessaakemi @JessicaEvaristo @JasminMartinez @jessicacheung97 @JinsPrincess86 @Jinnyrod3 @Josyy7 @jgallegos222 @jazzymgriff @janellym123 @JeniseRamos @JayRaider K: @KatiePrihodiko @Kiyofugi @Kira9404 @KaeliShearer @KaitlynHewitt @KendraReeve @KellyOconnor @kmeier230 @KristinaCaron @KayLeeRose94 @KayLeeRose94 @KassieXiong @klpowell7813 @kcastaneda170 @kmayong @kisashimizu16 @KarenGuerra93 @KassandraSosa @KarlythePanda66 @KoreanDramaMaMa @KrystaDaricek @KeraDelatorre @KpopQueenaBee @kandle779 L: @LizzyRubyCiss @leelee12 @luna1171 @LemonLassie @lopleaf19 @lashonda0917 @LaurenDimalanta @LysetteMartinez @LunaFergus @Lindseypls @LizaNightshade @lalaMF M: @MaritessSison @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @Misschimchim @MykelHobbs @Mikim000 @MichelleRosa @MalihaAhmed @Maddie27 @mrsjeon @MirandaStephens @MariaMontoya1 @minyoongii @Mikim000 @may99 @MomoChamie @MsLoyalHeart @milcalopez963 @megancurrent9 @MichelleMonroe @Msrayray95 @mellyortiz @mrsyookihyun @myylifeisnow @MoraLesley @mrsax2018 @matty0203 @Mavis2478 N: @Nikolmaii @NicoleJolly @ninjamidori @narutobandgeek @NicoleFireRose @NaBi7 @NaimaJeune O: @OliviaZenger @OhItsJas @Orihemay P: @PatriciaS @priscy513 @ParkHwaYoung @Princessunicorn @Princess2328 @pharmgirlerin Q: @QueenLee @QueenLele @QueenPandaBunny @Qilin94 R: @resavalencia @ReynadeKpop @RKA916 @raenel @RandomName @Rosa420 @RedChord S: @SherrySahar @SugaOnTop @StefaniTre @SummerWhipple @SierraBecerra @SarahIvester @SeventeenBias @shelbiisonfire @syodii @SugaMint @SugalessJams @Sugajin94 @summerblack2 @SindyHernandez @shellyfuentes70 @staceyholley @SusiBosshammer @SugaMint @SaraHanna @szewwy @saraortiz2002 @SamanthaRamdath @sutcheks3 @sarahdarwish @Starbell808 @StephanieAyalah @Stephany123 @Saeda1320 @shelby101 @SamanthaAcosta @SweetDuella @Saeda1320 @SerenaArthurs @sunggaray @SarahHibbs @Spark2015 T: @Tigerlily84 @tiffany1922 @tayunnie @themrshongki @TracyLynnn @TaraJenner @TesneemElAlami @thePinkPrincess @tinathellama @terenailyn @torchix @TaylorPriddy U: @unnieARMkey @usagichan20104 @UnnieCakesAli V: @Valerie816 @VeronicaArtino @vipgirl5 @vlargo @viviano6 @VKookie47 @VIPFreak2NE1 @VatcheeAfandi99 @ValerieAlissaPa @VikaAlex @VixenViVi @VictoriaRose217 W: @wordlesseyes X: @XergaB20 Y: @yaya12 @YessicaCardenas @YviLole15 Z: @Zephoria
That pill scene was kinda weird like 'shhhh I'm gonna murder you in your sleep....BUDDY' it's kinda creepy. But forgive me for this, 'you're mine nowah naega hisu humpkae itdeumyeon you're mine nowah naega songja buser itdeumyeon you're mine nowah naega hisu himpkae itdeumyeon you're mine ~haru mine nowah naega hisu humpkae itdeumyeon~ do it do it do it....some-so-something body body~ do it do it do it.....something something partay partayyyy~~~ sorry the song is stuck in my head and I had to passionately mumble in Korean
*insert grown man cry*
that song made fall for them hard
same here!!! this was when i started making sure i knew each member and then i fell...too hard lol
That is my sexy smexy song too!! This was so sad. I just wanna shake her hard!!
You made me cry 😭😭😭 poor kooki. I'm so glad he has all his friends with him
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