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There are so many places in Japan that I want to travel to, and I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of the country.

This year, I'm trying to plan my trips in advance to save money and I need your help choosing when and where I should go!

1. Lake Kinrin

Oita, Kyushu
Small town with a hot spring, good food (obviously) and just lovely landscape. It would be a good weekend escape and if just a bus ride from the Fukuoka Airport which is super cheap to fly from from Seoul.

2. Nikko

Tochigi, Honshu
A gorgeous hiking area filled with waterfalls, rivers, and bridges. Its straight north of Tokyo but would probably take some extra travel time to get there. Plus I'd need to rely on good weather!

3. Itsukushima

Miyajima, Honshu
This famous shrine is located on an island near Hiroshima. It is a bit hard to get to, but I could fly to Fukuoka and take a long train ride. It can get really crowded at certain times of year so I want to avoid that!

Which one sounds the most interesting to you!?

I've always wanted to go to Itsukushima, but depending on what you have scheduled already, it would be nice to relax in a lovely scene like Lake Kinrin, although, from another perspective, if you have the schedule time to go to Itsukushima during a lull in the tourist season, it would be easier to go to Kinrin when you have more things scheduled, and less flexibility. With Nikko, weather is hard to plan significantly ahead of schedule, and although it may take a little extra time to get there, it's a nice escape as well.
personally, there's something I love about small hot spring towns in Japan. I'd personally go with that one. People are friendlier to foreigners in my experience. Plus it looks beautiful there.
Lake Kinrin.
Lake Kinrin. Sound pretty good. Hot spring... yes..