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Black Tap Bar in Midtown NYC was originally known for its beer and burgers, just like any other bar.

That is, until they introduced their shakes.

But their burgers aren't bad either ;)

Those milkshakes look like they are full of artificial colourings and loaded with sugar.That's a heart attack right there!!!At the very least you'll be eating your whole days calories in one sitting.They don't even look appealing.:-o
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funk1lock8@AlyssaGelet818. The thing is it doesn't even look appealing enough to eat.Just stuff slapped all over the place and quite dull unlike that other calorific and sugar high Ube Ices @periwinkle which looks extremely yummy.:-)
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*Wilford Brimley voice* DIABEEETUS
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Just thinking but, they are probably expensive AF, and you most likely won't be able to finish it.
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