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So I'm like very late on this and I mean very late. Due to life getting crazy and now work want to give me crazy hours and not a regular schedule. I literally fell behind on this and I owe everyone the last days. I owe you guys day 83 to day 100. So depending on how much I put on the card it may come up as many as 1 to 8 cards. Yay me right. any ways lets get started. Picture~ is a male misdreavus in human form artist~ I do not know but if I find out I'll up it right up.
Day 83 an ecchi picture from your favorite anime series. oh where do I start. I have many of them and have lots of days to go through. but I'm only going with one.
Day 84 most recent wallpaper. Romain Torchwrick from Rwby.
Day 85 favorite shoujo anime. I have to go with Sunako Nakahara from The wallflower. I have to say she just completely awesome character. not to metion she is the completely different girl that you would normally see in any anime.
Day 86 Best Yandere. Oh boy this one is a very hard choice to make. there is so many characters that I like but so little time. but if I have to choose I'll go with Gasai Yuno. She is just flat out crazy.
Ok those are the days I can for on this card so I'm making the next one right after this one. we are on day 87.