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It's Cha-Cha-Chan on Tuesdays!

This boy.

Who happens to be my oppa because he's couple years older than me, but still.
Lemme tell you about when I first met Chan.

My first thought~

Omo. Who is this? o.o

When I first knew he was dangerous~

Oh no. Oh no no no no. o.o

When he began to be REALLY dangerous~

He's smirking at me. Oh crap. This is bad. WHERE'S MY BIAS O.O

When I found out he was the main dancer......

No no no. No dancing Bee o.o I'm allergic! Stay away!

His smile~


When I saw him laugh~

Well guys, this has been Cha-Cha-Chan Tuesdays with @Sailynn!
Imma go die DX

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I totally feel like he's gonna become bias the more I watch him!😩But still tho SeJun....ugh I can't with them! Sail save me! Get him away from me...but bring him closer!
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@Sailynn Yeah you and Victon both😂😩
10 months ago