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This is the ninth of ten cards introducing the members of the rookie group, Pentagon! If you would like to check out the others in the series, they can be found in my "Get to Know: ___" collection!

Stay tuned, as I will try to upload the next installment as quickly as possible! ❤ Hope you enjoy!~
• Full Name: Kang Hyunggu (강형구)

• Stage Name: Kino (키노)

• Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

• Birthday: January 27th, 1998

• Height: 177cm (5'9")

• Hometown: Busan, South Korea
• Before he was a CUBE trainee, Kino trained briefly at JYP Entertainment. He trained alongside who would later become Got7.
• I have included a video that allows you to witness Kino's skills and abilities, in an excerpt from Pentagon Maker!
• !!!!!dork

• Very passionate about anything he does

• Likes to mess with the members

• Acts like a puppy 100%

•Like one of those puppies who is excited to see you and likes to create mischief but at the end of the day is ur lil guy and will 100% snuggle up to you on the couch

• He also really likes dogs, he likes them enough to have based his stage name off of wanting his name to be closer to 'puppy'.

• Can go from aegyo king to 19+ rating in 0.000001 seconds.

• He's the kind of guy who is down for anything like you wanna play video games? Aight, Mario Kart or Call of Duty? Need some comfort? Aight here, take my hand. Want some of my food? Aight, take some. Etc.
• Kino went to school with Yugyeom of Got7, and they are still good friends even today.

• He's proud of his SpongeBob impressions.

• He was admitted into his arts high school as the Number 1 candidate.

• He participated in his student leadership committee from 2nd to 8th grade.

• He is usually involved in the creation of the group's choreography in one way or another.

• His favorite food is pizza.

• He enjoys the game Starcraft.

• He said that he becomes happy when he dances, and he becomes sad when he can’t dance.
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed~ Please forgive me if you don't agree with my description of his personality, as it's simply how I interpret him to be, not necessarily how he is.

If you have any questions, relating to Kino, Pentagon, or otherwise, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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He is cute, why do they all have to be so cute.
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