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So here's more days that I have missed 87 to 100 just like I said. So lets get the party going. picture~ Skull Kid from legend of zelda Majora's Mask. artist~ do not know I just find it awesome.
Day 87 favorite hero. I have to say it's Ichigo Kurosaki. Out of most hero's in animes they have to win. Well then came Ichigo who broke that rule and is the reason why I like him so much. If you watch closely Ichigo actually lost most of his battles or was even close of being killed. A good example is Ichigo vs Kenpachi.
Day 88 favorite school uniform. I have to say it's Vampire Knight uniforms ( both day and might class).
Day 89... I have lots for this one so this alone will get it's own card. So be on a look out for it.
Day 90 picture of a character in a swimsuit. Ok I don't know why is is even on the list but whatever.
Day 91 favorite attack a character had used. why do I feel like I did this one before...... and that's because I did. Its on day 23 just in different wording. But if I really have to answer it's Haku crystal ice mirriors from Naruto.
Ok that's all I'm doing tonight. Day 89 would be my last card for the night and I will continued this after work tomorrow starting with day 92. if my spelling was off I'll fix it tomorrow or should I say later today as well. but I'm tired and I need some rest So night.