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i need help i want to watch some anime and some of them look good in this video i was wondering if you could name all of them it would help a lot
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Well I don't know too many but the first minute us mostly bleach and guilty crown a little after 2 minutes fairy tail pops up and at about 3:35 or something is future diary
thank you very much you helped me out a lot
Magical index, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, future diary, Denpa onna to sishun otoko and Haganai. on the second watch through. there are two more but I have never watched those before.
thank you very much you helped me out a lot
There is alot. I can't remember the name of all of them, so if the name isn't perfect no complaining. Bleach, Guilty Crown, Love live, Uta prince, Tora Dora, Fairy Tail, B gatta H KEI, FLCL, my little sister can't be this cute, the world only God knows and that is all can remember from watching the video once. I think I missed two.