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You can watch videos on V LIVE.
It was Yo Seob's birthday but he was the one giving us the gift!! I love Beast sooo much!!!
I hope so but we shall see. Let's face it ~ they will alway be Beast in a Beauties heart. @BEAUTY1MONBEBE2
They are currently going through the legal process to figure out what will happen with their name. For now they are being very careful not to use BEAST and they have been receiving legal advice from members of Shinhwa who went through a similar transition when they left SM. It took Shinhwa 12 years to obtain the rights to use their name. Let's hope Cube is far more amenable than SM.
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Did you watch Yoseob's birthday on V app yet? Him and Junhyung confirmed the group's upcoming comeback. If you haven't seen it yet, I put the details in this card:
with out a doubt!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
I know they are so amazing!!! I love them so much too!! @robertakm64 I'm just wondering if they're still going to go by BEAST, since they have their own agency now they would have to get permission to use it from CUBE.