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Here is Part 2 :) enjoy~ (Missing Part one click here)

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Rap Monster

The day has came, wondering how this day is going to go, I looked at my phone and noticed a text from Hoseok. He said that him and Yoongi well be there soon. I heard Wren and Jin laughing around in the other room, I looked at the time and seen that it was one in the afternoon. As I laid there I heard a faint voice, it was singing a song. I closed my eyes and tried to hear it clearly "But I cant give up on this, I have to wonder what we could have done, I have to wonder." Wondering what it is, I got up and I felt really dizzy, I shook my head a little and got up slowly. "Must've gotten up too fast" I said to myself. I went into the living room after I got changed to see my son playing his game with Hoseok, I noticed Seokjin coming in from the kitchen and smiled. "Appa, do you sing and dance like Uncle Seokjin?" I heard Wren ask him. "When did he start calling him appa?" I asked Jin. "When he showed up, Yoongi said hell be back." He replied following me back into the kitchen. I started to feel dizzy again, as Seokjin ran to me. "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded "Yea I'm fine." I replied sitting down at the bar. Do we have everything? I asked while Seokjin gave me a water bottle. "Just about, Namjoon went to pick up his cake, and Jimin and Tae went to pick up food." He said I smiled and nodded. "Omma, Here I made this for you." Wren said coming into the kitchen. I looked at his drawing. "Thank you sweetie I'll put it up on the fridge." I said getting up and walking to it. I got to wondering about that voice I heard "Hey oppa, was there someone singing earlier?" I asked. "No, we were in the living room." He said. I nodded then I felt really funny and dizzy again. "I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved. Memories of a broken heart, now Im alone in the dark" That voice I can hear it again, it's really faint. "Oppa… can you hear that?" I asked, He looked at me with a confused look. "Are you sure youre okay Y/N?" he asked. I nodded but felt a wave of shock over my whole body "Hoseok! Help me!" I heard Seokjin yelled as he helped me. I felt weird, like I was numb, I couldnt move. "Omma?" I looked over to see Wren, Hobie, Jimin, Namjoon, and Tae running into the kitchen. Namjoon was holding onto Wren as Hobie came to the otheside of me. "Y/N?" I felt Hobie grabbing my hand. I felt tears coming down my face. "Whats happening?" I said, I seen Wren crying and I wanted to hold my child and tell him that it's okay, but I felt Hoseok kiss my hand. "I miss you Jagi, itll be okay, youll be okay". I heard him say but it sounded faint like he was saying it through glass. I finally closed my eyes which I thought would be for a second, when I went to open them I felt as if they were glued shut. I tried, and tried to open them but no use. It was quiet, I finally thought to myself "Did I die?", but I soon shook that thought and realized that I must've blacken out again, I was like this the last time so I must've been really stressed or something.
When I waited, it felt like an eternity, I suddenly heard a faint sound, when it got clearer it was the sound of the heart monitor and other machines. Then I heard it, the song playing again thats when I realized whose voice it belonged to, Andy Leo, from my favorite band in college. As I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital room with Seokjin and Hoseok on either side of me… but something was off, they looked exactly how they did college. I felt someones hand on mine and I squeezed it as Hoseok looked up and with big eyes "Hyung!" He exclaimed I seen Seokjin looked at him then back to me. "Y/N! You're awake!" He said. "I just blacked out, you guy make it seem like I died." I laughed a little. When they didnt say anything I looked around the room. "Where's Wren?" I asked. They both looked at each other while Jin said he was going to get the doctor. "Y/N? Whos Wren?" Hoseok said I looked at him. "Haha very funny Hobie, but Im serious wheres my son?" I said again. Hoseok just looked at me. Before he got to say anything Seokjin and a doctor came in. "Ah, Ms. Kim, how are you feeling, being in a coma for a year, I'm surprised that you're functioning well" He said. I looked at him then back to my brother and boyfriend. "A year? From a blackout? Thats ridiculous, we were just at Wrens birthday…I felt dizzy and collapsed, I remember Seokjin calling for Hoseok, then I blacked out." I said to them "Y/N, you were in a car accident, you drove off from Hoseoks apartment and a drunk driver hit you." Seokjin explained. I shook my head. "No, no! Thats not what I remember, I caught him cheating on me, I left his apartment and came straight home." I explained. "Y/N, you've been in a coma, in your comatose state, you must've created a whole new alternative life for yourself, where you had your son." The doctor explained. I looked at him, had my son, if it wasnt real than… "I lost him?" I asked automatically feeling my stomach. I felt tears come down, as memories from that day played in my head. I left his apartment, got in my car, I was crying and was at a stop light, it turned green and looked left to see another car coming and slammed into the front of my car. "Jagiya?" I looked up to Hoseok as he had tears in his eyes, I just reached for him, he sat in my bed with me and held me.
I heard Seokjin tell him that he was going to go home and wash up and tell the guys that I was awake. "Jagi, Im so sorry babe." He said holding me. I looked up at him. "I'm sorry, I just be just said something maybe none of this would happen." I said to him Hoseok held me tighter and kissed my head. "What did he look like?" He asked I looked at him "Who?" I asked. He smiled "Our son, what did he look like in your dreams?" he asked again, I smiled. "He looked just like you, with your smile and personality" I said to him, he smiled and kissed my lips. "One day when we get married, we'll have kids jagi." He said I looked at him confused. "Married?" I asked. He kissed my head again and got out of my bed. I sat up in the bed watching what he was doing as he walked over to his bag on a chair. "Jagi, that day… that girl was in my class and we were doing homework, she said she liked me and it was my fault that it went that far, I swear nothing happened, I got your text saying you were on your way over but I didn't see it until after you stormed off." He said and turned around and dug in his bag some more. I was planning to do this that day. He said coming back over to the bed. I looked at him as he looked away from my eyes, and grabbed my hand. "Hobie, are you okay?" I asked. He looked back up at me. "Y/N. Ive loved you ever since I met you, I know you lost your parents, so I waited until it was right, and when the time came it was out high school graduation. I was so happy to know that you felt the same." He stopped and took a deep breath. "Jagiya, will you…. will you marry me?" He asked. I sat there speechless and looked at the ring that he was holding, l held my hand out to him "Yes." I said to him. He smiled and put the ring on my finger, and kissed me again. "I love you Kim Y/N" he said to me resting his forehead against mine, I whispered to him the words that made him smile. "I love you too Jung Hoseok"