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Hello everyone! It's Jenny! Today I will be sharing some more fun facts about our awesome leader!
He likes Composing and Arranging music. He is the most compassionate in Music in the group. Wonjun likes the taste of Home Cooking.  Wonjun Believes in Confidence, his motto in life is, “If I don’t aqcuit myself, I won’t aqcuit anyone else before me.”  He often gets teased by the other members, especially Suwoong. He thinks fondly of their Thai Fans and hopes that they can go back to Thailand. He likes to brag about himself but is always loved for that since it’s true. He said he wanted to be Korea’s number 1 Entertainer in the Future. He wants to try acting, musicals, composing and writing songs, MC, and still be in a boy group. Wonjun’s Ideal Type: Pretty, Kind, and smiles refreshingly. (Credits)
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I would love to see OneJunn in drama or even more variety shows. 😆