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Annyeong my little fishies~ It's been so long!! I'm one of the staff in charge of the Facebook page, so I hardly post cards anymore. Seeing as its the new year, we are redoing the introduction cards. Lets get to know me!
Stage Name:
Facebook admin/interviewer/promoter
May 17th
Favorite Color:
Favorite Korean Food/Snack:
Kimchi jjigae, Jajangmyeon, Tteokbokki, Kimbap and Pepero.
UB - Ultimate Bias:
Hehe umm well I have a tie
UW - Ultimate Wrecker:
Quick Fact:
Weird Fact:
What Got You Into Kpop:
I was trying to find Big Bang Theory and stumbled upon BigBang.....the rest (as they say) is History.
Who Was The First Kpop Group You Listened To:
Who Was Your First UB:
Who Was Your First UW:
I didn't have one actually.
What Was Your First KDrama:
Boys Over Flowers and To The Beautiful You
Who Is Your Favorite Actor:
Hmm.. I don't know as many as my eomma (@KpopBeat) but I do love Ji Chang Wook, Park Bo Gum, Ji Soo, Nam Joo Hyuk, Park Seo Jun, Do Ji Han. Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and more.
If You Could See Someone Live, Who Would It Be And Why:
Hmm... mabe
What's Your Ringtone? Is It Kpop?
Currently its Holdup by Bobby
First Kpop Album Purchased:
WINGS (W and I)
Who Is Your Wallpaper? (Proof Needed)
Home screen is Bobby, lock screen is BTS
Why KpopINT?
Why not though? They are an amazing group of women and we have fun together. PLUS we all have common interests.
If You Were Stranded On An Island With A Kpop Group Or Person And One Staff Member, Who Would It Be And Why (For This You Need To Do One For Each Staff Member)
1) Nana - Chanyeol. It would be funny to see how they would react around each other.
2) Sailynn -All her Panda Oppas and Youngjae OR GD.
3) Jojo - Chang Wook.
4) Taemi - Yoongi~ I'm sorry love but I have too!
5) Shey - V cause that's her husband.
6) Elayne - Jimin. I wanna see them dance together
On a scale from KpopBeat to Nana with Sail in the middle, what is your beauty knowledge?
Definitely KpopBeat... I only know how to apply mascara and lipstick. I don't know what the hell contour is for.
On a scale from KpopBeat to Sail with Nana in the middle, how much do you fangirl?
A little closer to Sail.
On a scale from Nana to KpopBeat with Sail in the middle, how many actors do you know?
Mabe closer to Nana.
Which idol/actor/model would you ship me with?
KpopINT Chairs:
KpopINT Fam:
KpopINT Official Taglist~
love how all i get is chang wook. no explanation just chang wook
@KpopBeat of course. -Sky