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finally preview video is here..
@shawnawi..its an awesome drama...made me smile a bunch of times....@nyla.....i didnt want to get my hopes up but this defintely means that i get another episdoe tomorrow right...not BTS but a real episode...YAYYYYYYY!!
@coco... lol.. i think it will have a good ending... idk what the hong sisters will give us but i hope that all our waiting will be worth it... @shannawi... it definitely is... ^^
you know just to wait for the masters sun I started to watch the greatest love should l continue watching it?Is it a good drama?
i read the preview....it sounds so sweet buti dont think i can wait another year.... she had better jump into his arms or the hong sisters will definitely be getting a visit later this week
hahha... don't be discourage... it was all me... it just looks like it coz when they met she wasn't all surprised or maybe she was expecting him...
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