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How you guys THE ONE PIECE FANS my NAKAMA! Feel if this happens in the story...... that when luffy finally meets up with the badass Shanks that he finds him dead.... or he gets killed in front of him?

I would get chills and I would probably she'd some tears :/ it would be deep but a crazy plot to the stroy..... what would happen to luffy after this? if this would happen¿ aaaah!
I might not cry has hard as i did with Ace..but i will definitely cry. omg i hope that doesnt happen!! what i do think is that when Luffy finally finds shanks it will be cuz our story is near or at its end. to which i would be even more depressed
it would be like losing another brother
to be very honest I would cry like I did with ace
This is something I hate even seeing or thinking about. It would be the loss of a father figure
True:( it would really suck :/ if it would happen
Omg this would hurt my in the feels so hard it might physically hurt
True :(