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It's that time of the week again, and this week, we're recognizing our villainous waifus!

Medusa Gorgon ~ Soul Eater

Medusa is a witch with a snake specialty from one of my first anime, Soul Eater! As that would suggest, she's very cunning, infiltrating the DWMA as the school nurse, implanting snakes into some of her victims to manipulate them, and experimenting with black blood. (I kinda sorta maybe ship her with Stein, another of my favorite characters! She's terrible for him, but he's perfect for her!) Idk why, but she's just kinda stuck with me!
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I personally liked Arachne better. πŸ˜›
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@Kell13 lol I see!
i enjoyed kid medusa too. always led me to believe there was more....