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One word

"one word in Japanese" 😏 ... but let's see how many I can actually say off the top of my head: 1) Neko 2) Kitsune 3) Kawaii 4) Kawai 5) Inu 6) Shin 7) Shinigami 8) -san, -kun, -sama 9) Loli 10) Hentai 11) Baka 12) Konichiwa 13) Sayanara 14) Arigato 15) Akuma 16) Nani? 17) Yaoi 18) Yuri
there's a great app I've been using to learn more Japanese it's called memrise :)
being an Otaku doesn't mean you have to know Japanese. it's defined by having a passion for your hobby. there should not be limiters on what makes somebody a "true fan". that's just some judgemental bulls**t and we should not feed into that kind of negativity.
mirrai baka neko HENTAI kitsune kawaii kawai shinigami shine gami arigato gomen
😁 Arigato!!
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