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Wednesday; Life in Inuyasha's world pt.1 💗🐺

Hi guys I'm back with a little game hopefully you guys have fun with this also if you didn't see my first card i will link it below, & i will begin my Inuyasha fan fiction on Friday so look out for that. Also i will also start writing oneshots again if you will like to read my old ones &/or want to read my text fan fiction which has Exo's Sehun & Luhan will be link below. It has the info. for you if you will like a oneshot/text in the bio. If you any questions on anything please don't be shy to pm me. Have a great day beautiful people. Inuyasha Monday spam Oneshots Lost lovers For this game you will chooses an object(s) & it will show your life in Inuyasha's world, comment your number & i will post the results next Wednesday, for today the object a flower & it will be the power you will have. So let the game BEGIN!!! 😂
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