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안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's Sky Here~!

And I'll Be Sharing My Favorite Hair Color From Each Member~ ❤ENJOY❤

❤Kim Namjoon: Blonde❤

❤Kim Seokjin: Pink❤

❤Min Yoongi: Light Green❤

(such a beautiful soul)

❤Jung Hoseok:Orange❤

((or is that blonde..... I feel colorblind ._.))

❤Park Jimin:Red❤


❤Kim Taehyung:Red❤

((My feels.....I can't deal with the bias right now))

❤Jeon Jungkook:Black❤

(another precious soul)
Great choices!! ☺
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Is tae your bias? plus thank you,, that sehun meme got me laugh for good. that was so random. hahahaha
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Yeay. High five! anyway, did I miss your introduction card? The other day I read other mods' intro card. I notice each mod is in charge of a member, so I kinda wonder who's in charge of tae. it's you isn't? hahaha. Nice to meet you!
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