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We have done this at one point in our lives when we listen to a new group out and we want to learn all about them from who is the oldest to who the leader is along with what shows they have been on if your interested in the dramas as well.
For me I was starting into the Kpop world I relied on Wikipedia to who was who along with what position they were in the group and what shows they were on. I was really big in the dramas and from their I was hooked to the music.
plus it's always exciting when one of you favorite groups ends up have individual pages just for them. I have been waiting to see individual pages for BTS and I now Namjoon has his own but I want all the boys to have their own pages that is just for them. I figured I could share that Taehyung has his own page. I was looking up his drama to look at the historic aspect in this drama. He is so cute acting all tough and then going soft.
Who else has relied on Wikipedia for anything that is related to kpop?