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Spoilers for Hunter X Hunter in this card! If you haven't finished the Chimera Ant Arc and don't want to face a spoiler then turn back now! Otherwise please continue on!! Brought to us by our wonderful Mods, I present you {TLT}True Love Tuesdays! A day every week, solely for us to show our love for our favorite ships! This week is a free-bee so here is my #1 ship of all-time!
Meruem x Komugi from Hunter x Hunter! I absolutely love how these two met and how they fell in love. A King with unmatched in power, skill, and intellect meets and falls for a young girl who is the #1 Gungi player in the world. Although she has such high standing as a Gungi player but as a person she is looked down upon. She is blind and always has some sort of cold/flu and can be a klutz and some what of a crybaby.
Despite all her misfortunes, she still keeps a smile on her face and tries to please her family and others anyway she can. Even though they still call her useless despite her bring in all the income from her Gungi tournaments. A King with everything in the palm of his hands and the power to take whatever is not, at will. After meeting her, he realized something power and status can't give you by force, that is love. The love he found when he met Komugi!
It feels so good to be back and get involved with the community once more. I'm sure we were all hammered with things over the last couple month with holidays but now it's time for our new Arc to begin!!! So for now I'll just tag a few and if you wish to be added to this list feel free to let me know and I'll add you to it! @otakudemon10 @AimeBolanos
I sobbed like a child when I saw them pass together. right in the freaking feels, man.
I was right there with you man! What a way to toy with our emotions!
😁 Yaaaaay! Love this couple.
My favorite best couple!
i was upset that the he died he was so freaking awesome
I know he was the Villian (to an extent) but I was rooting for him 100% of the way!
@bdburich627 me too, bro
true love right there dying together n all
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Agreed! Choosing to die with the one you love! So touching!