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Big news guys, I got braces!

Dentistry (and most medical work) is cheaper here in Korea, so I am saving a lot by getting it done here instead of back in the States.

Was definitely an...odd...experience though!

Has anyone else had an experience like this, or this is special to Korea?

My orthodontic experience was a little similar to yours but I had them on the outside of my theeth and wore them for about a year and 3 months, I'm on my retainer right now. The blue light that you saw when they where putting your brackets (the metal things w/out wire) was actually a UV light to help dry the glue faster. When it came to money it was roughly 2,400 to pay for 2 years with braces, 2 years with a retainer, the appointments, and random fix ups for just in case.
My son had some on the inside bottom. He now has a permanent metal piece to keep his 4 front bottom teeth straight
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it's a permanent retainer..I have one on the top and bottom.
Not seeing what the dentist is doing sounds scary!!
For the most part it's the same in the states, but usually that six minutes of awkward silence is the dentist making chit chat with you, yes or no questions of course. I guess the lady didn't say anything because she doesn't speak English? I usually go to the dentist early and half asleep so I can take a nap during those times lol