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Very Short Fan Fiction is back! The guidelines have been updated as of 1/11/17 to improve the challenge and hopefully make it even more fun. Please see below for the current info.
Hey, Fan Fiction community! Welcome to the Very Short Fan Fiction challenge! What is the Very Short Fan Fiction challenge? Here is how it works:
Every Wednesday a card with a new challenge will be posted. The card will have a writing goal and/or prompt.
Use the prompt and/or goal given to write a very short fan fiction with any celebrities/idols/characters you want. Original characters are fine, too.
There is no minimum word count AND there is no longer a maximum word count; if you prefer to have a maximum word count goal, I'd try for no more than 1,000 words but it is entirely up to you.
Publish your Very Short Fan Fiction to the Fan Fiction community. Please include the hashtag #vsff and be sure to tag the Moderator @Bangtanss and the mod support team @Amobts @AshleiRyals @Bangtanss @fallchild @GeekyWriterAbby @QueenLeLe
Please comment on the most recent VSFF challenge card to be added to the challenge tags list if you would like to be tagged when a new challenge begins (and when participants publish their VSFF fics). Participants may tag this list in their VSFF cards.
You dont have to participate every week, just whenever you have time and feel like joining in. This is not a competition and there are no prizes; just treat it as an opportunity to challenge yourself, improve your writing, and, most importantly, have fun!
If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to message or tag me @FallChild and I'll do my best to be useful.
One more thing, and this is important: if you include any smut or mature content (anything that may be unsuitable for young readers or disturbing to any readers) in your VSFF story, you MUST label it with a warning at the beginning. If your story contains smut and you intend to publish it in a community other than Fan Fiction also, check to be sure that smut is allowed in that community; many allow it but some do not so please be courteous and check first!
please keep me on the list😊😊
The VSFF Challenge tags list as of last challenge posted in 2016: VSFF Tags List @VeroniaArtino @AbbyRoscoe @Matokokepa @ManduBum @JarviaKlipka @AnneH @DailyDosesOfEXO @BabydollBre @VKookie47 @SelfishMachines @JarviaKlipka @ESwee @KwonOfAKind VSFF Mod Use Only tags list (for challenge cards only - do NOT tag in your participant cards!) @MadAndrea If you want to be removed please let me know!