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So I just found out about this boy group that's supposed to be debuting sometime this year. It's only been about an hour since I found out about them, but I'm already in love with the group lol.
I'm still quite new to them, so I don't have much information about the members yet, but this is what I've found so far. I'll add onto this card when I find out more about the members.


Name: Lee Dong Hun
Position: Vocal, oldest member


Name: Park Jun Hee
Position: Leader, vocal


Name: Kim Se Yoon
Position: Rapper
(My tentative bias)


Name: Kim Byung Kwan
Position: Vocal


Name: Kang Yoo Chan
Position: Vocal, maknae
It turns out that these guys have danced in several of 1Million Dance Studio's videos and I just haven't noticed them before lol.
1. Don't Wanna Know-Jun= the guy in the thumbnail, Chan= third group on the left, Wow= third group on the right
2. 니가 알던 내가 아냐 (Not the Same Person You Used to Know)- Chan and Jason came in around 0:32
3. F*ck Yo Dj- First group red hat (Chan) and white hat (Jason)
But these guys aren't just good at dancing, their vocals are great too! Plus they upload covers all the time on their Youtube channel! Here are some of my favorites so far.
1. Stay- Black Pink
2. Playing With Fire- Black Pink
3. Lego House- Ed Sheeran (covered by Jason)
4. 더 레이 - 빈 방에서 (not sure what this translates to lol) (covered by Jun)
5. All of Me- John Legend (covered by Donghun and Chan)
6. Flashlight- Jessie J
Blood, Sweat, and Tears; Growl; and Monster dance covers

Where to find them

Twitter/Instagram: official_a.c.e7