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So I've been seeing a few cards like this floating around Vingle and figured I'd hop on this train of beautiful.
So these are my favorite hair colors on each members that have slayed my mother fucking existence. Of course, I'm going to do it in the order of the "fan chant" lol
Kim Namjoonie >u< my BTS bias. i. Will. NEVER. get over this hair style or color.... ever...
Kim Seokjinie ^u^ Go ahead and lie to yourself: Tell me this man does not look amazing with black/brown hair. *Sighs* Okay... let's be honest... he would look good bald for fucks sake. *fans myself*
Mini Yoongi >~< my current BTS bias wrecker. Jesus christ just look at him. This hair color... this asthetiiiiiiiiiic. I'm begging you... please... stay in your LANE.
J-Hopie >O< Ray of mother fucking SUNSHINE. This hair matches his fucking personality FIGHT. ME. A GIFT to this world. HEAVENLY. WE DON'T DESERVE HIM. STOP SLEEPING ON HIM. LOVE HIM. APPRECIATE HIM.
Also, because of the recent shit show on twitter about him in December, fuck anyone who DARES to call themselves an ARMY yet talks shit about J-Hope or ANY other member. Sorry for the short rant, but, you're no fan of theirs if you do that.
Park dat ass Jimin XD he's always rood. Every hair color looks flawless on him and it ain't fair but damn... damn black is your fucking color. Fight MEEEE!
Taehyungie QuQ the sweetheart of all sweethearts but this HAIR CAN YOU NOT BE SO ROOD.
Kookie :D He hasn't had many light hair colors or different colors much, but this one's my favorite on him x3. lookin like a man but we know... he's just a lil kookie x3
kay that's it bye~
I love Joons blonde, I love Jin with black hair and Jimin with black hair looks so manly but I also loved his red in dope. I favor Yoongi's blonde but I second his mint, he looks so beautiful in the picture like a child. I love kookie's light brown he had it when wore the cop suit but I love his black. I freaking Love hope as a blonde I've been waiting for that! I love Taes blonde and his red. all these boys look good in any color. they're so beautiful
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lmfao yeah Yoongi looked great. Aw you didn't like Jimin and Tae Tae's red I thought they looks so good. Tae looked like a little anime boy Jimin looked so handsome with the glasses and red hair. you're right though it's impossible for them to not be beautiful
It's for BTS Appreciation Week 😊😊 Today is favorite hair colors! Btw, cute card!!! ♡♡
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