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That Time Kyungsoo Killed Me

In honor of his birthday, here's the one major time that Kyungsoo actually gave me a heart attack.

throwing in the rolled "rrr's" when you didnt need to lol

Happy birthday, you evil squishy hamster.

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pdktkgdf..... jeez that gets me every time 😒 so beautiful! 😍
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I'm pretty sure the first time I saw that I just sat with my mouth hanging open the whole time.
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I love that video. ❀️
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Beautiful my birthday is today (the 11th) and his is the 12th we are meant to be! Lol. Then kai's is the 14th. 😏😏 icant! Lol
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Lucky you and also Happy Late Birthday πŸŽ‰ @Lizzeh
10 months ago