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He’s fighting with himself and losing concentration because of it. He should just call her and find out, get it off his mind, he has other things to be doing and focused on.
Once he was sure that she was asleep, he had sat there for another 10 to 15 minutes just looking her. He realized it would be bad for both of them if he was caught there with her alone. He knew he would never get away unrecognized, so he took her advice and left.
This tiny woman/child intrigued him, he didn’t know why and it was frustrating him. When he’d first thought of doing his campaign for Peaceminusone, all he knew was that he wanted a splash of color. Something that would POP standing next to him and the white or black clothing. He typed ‘Red’ into the web browser and had almost given up when all the pictures were simply of just color or underwear, and barely there lingerie. Around the fourth page, a picture of a young model with long, red, curly hair appeared. He clicked on the image and found her modeling page. It intrigued him that depending on where the light was, depended on the depth of color her hair had. Striking how totally different she looked depending on whether her hair was up, down, or straight.
Meeting her in person had been a shock to his system. Most models know how beautiful they are, become somewhat stuck up about it, and totally try to play to his good side when they find out they’re modeling with him. She seemed nervous at first, but totally genuine; especially when she’d let her attitude slip out. He grinned thinking about that moment. There were so few he felt he could be his true self with, banter with; it had felt good and…freeing.
He realized he'd have to make a decision about her, when her actions and attitude came forward, announcing that she was a closet Big Bang fan. He had never wanted to date a fan. The thought brought up all kinds of complications he didn’t need, press problems and misunderstandings. He had hoped that seeing her after the shoot would release the intrigue she held for him. However, when she opened the door to her apartment without her make-up, in only shorts and a tee, it had the exact opposite affect. When she didn’t care who he was and threw him out of her apartment, it made him wonder.
Is this a game? Is she playing hard to get in order to get his attention? If so, he’d allow it for a short time, it would prove amusing to see how far she would let the game go.
When she told him about being awkward, and avoided him most of lunch, he was almost sure it wasn’t a game.
Oh, she played but it was more flirtatious, not the dangerous head games. When she sent him that horrible selfie, he knew she was genuine. NO woman he had ever known would send that to a man she was trying to hook.
Catching her in her apartment? That was pure gold. He shook his head, covering his mouth to contain a smile, while remembering her laughing. He had never heard another human make that sound, sort of like a seal? And then she hyperventilated and it sounded like a dying seal. That alone makes her unique and unforgettable in his book.
He knew she was younger than him. He struggled with that the most; however, it was more accepted in his culture to be an older guy with a younger woman. He didn’t know why she was stuck in his brain; why she haunted his thoughts at the weirdest, most un-opportune times. He simply knew she was a puzzle he wanted to solve and that he'd not get rid of her until he did.
He stares down at his phone, willing it to ring. It had been three days since he left her asleep in her apartment. He had been worried about all the junk food he’d seen spread around when he got there. On his way home he had placed an order for Bibimbop to be delivered with a note: “Heat me, eat me. Text me when you wake”.
Yet he still heard nothing from her. Had she been too humiliated that he caught her acting that way? She had said it didn't matter, accept her or not. Had she gone out of town? Even if, she could still send a simple “Thank you for the food” text, how hard was that?
He set his phone down as his group members came into the room. He got up to grab a water before they started. Daesung glimpsed his phone before it went to screen saver.
“Dude. Who’s that?” he asked laughing. “I’ve never seen a girl send you a picture like that before.” He tapped the screen and Jak’s bizarre picture reappeared.
“I know right? I can’t figure her out, she’s the model I did my Peaceminusone shoot with. Hot isn’t she?”
Everyone suddenly wanted to see. “How can you tell? It’s just her head and she looks a mess.”
Jiyong opens his phone and slides to a couple of pictures he had asked the photographer to send him from the shoot. He turns the phone and shows through 3 or 4 of them.
“Damn,” Taeyang states. “That’s the same girl? Not sure I’d want to tangle with that hot mess, but you know, it might be fun.”
They all laugh and head over to start rehearsals. Before he can change his mind he scrolls to Jak’s number on his phone, erases her name and types in ‘Tiny Hot Mess’.
I hope these guys do enjoy a hot mess, just saying... I'm excited every chance I get to see a piece of GD's side. It's really sweet to watch him fall for her.
Tiny hot mess...I like that! lol😂