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I spy results 🔎🔍💭
Time for results but first let's see the question again.
I spy something that let's me know who this person is. You can find them anywhere especially when you need help. With out this who would you ask your question too? Hint: It's not on the wall.
Let's see what it was shall we
It's the word Staff on Pumpkin's jacket. You can find Staff in any store or any place really that has employees and when you have a questions about something there you ask the staff.
The winners of today's game are @Jaysbae13 @MmarrickeJ33 Thanks to all for playing!
Here's a meme to make the rest of your night a little more happier.
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after I saw it was pumpkin with the staff jacket I thought I was wrong. yaaay
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lol nope you were exactly right
10 months ago
haha I'm glad I changed my mind... I looked again and saw it there on his jacket. that was awesome
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