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there is actually several different accounts on how it is that English breakfast tea came about and where!!!
there are 2 main accounts though of where the tea actually comes from.
surprisingly some accounts actually say that English breakfast tea was created in 1843 in New York rather than in England this account comes from an old newspaper article expressing it's opinion on a new type of tea made by a local new yorker!! and was eventually shipped over to England where it became a smashing hit
then there's the account that seems more likely but no one knows for sure is that an old Scottish bar owner was experimenting with teas and came across this blend and thought so highly of it that he took it to queen Victoria who adored it and drank it regularly causing it to become a highly demanded drink in England!!!
hope yall enjoy some history I had to dig deep for this one since it's so unknown so sorry if alittle bit of its off it was hard to find a straight answer
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