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A day full of writing and waiting and killing me with sexiness from these boys. lol. its been a long exhausting day. But I have chapter for you lovely people's!
Tae's view*** It was a shock to see Layla there instead of Keri.  Oh that girl, she planned this from the beginning. I wasn't sure if I should be happy or nervous. "Stop grinning like a fool. It's creeping on me" Layla said "Sorry I can't help it" I said looking down at the coffee in front of me. "Try it. The coffee here is really good" Layla said. Without lifting my eyes to her I nodded and took a sip. She was right, it really was good. "So is this Keri trying to get us together or what?"Layla said out of the blue. If it was for the fact I just swallowed I would have probably choked on it. "I mean really, she's probably asleep. Oh that girl" Layla was laughing. "Alright tae tae so you like me, like really like me. Is that why she did this?" She rambled. All that was said startled me. "Yes I like you. Keri was playing cupid like I did for her" I said looking at her. Layla started to laugh. "I can't believe that girl" she shook her head. "So does that mean you like me back? Is that why she did it?" I asked. "Well yes. I mean you are my bias in the group I know more about you and love your cuteness and goofy self" she said. I felt gitty all of a sudden, my heart was pounding, that sounded like a confession to my ears. I had no clue how to respond to that. "You like my goofiness?" The words just came out. "Yes. Its nice to see that out of your busy schedule you can still smile and have fun" she said. "Tao was always grumpy" she said. There was silence. "Sorry shouldn't have said that" she said. Layla started to talk about random things after that, talking,about games and activities she thought were fun, especially to do with another person. After an hour of talking my phone went off.  I had to get' back to practice. "I have to head back" I said "Oh okay. Sorry I rambled on and on" she said. "No I liked it. I found out a couple Things about you" I grinned. "And I want to go rock climbing with you! That sounds like a lot of fun" I said. She grinned. "How about Tuesday?" She asked. "Sure! Its a date!" I grinned. I got back to the studio and walked in to fund hobi and Kooki were playing around and Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin were standing taking a water break. "How was your lunch?" Yoongi questioned. " With my girlfriend" he added making me laugh. "I didn't meet your girlfriend for lunch" I stated. "What? Then why wasn't she answering her phone?" He looked alarmed. "Maybe she was asleep?" I said. "Or maybe she's ignoring me" he said as he grabbed his phone off the table and left the room. "Or could be she worked all night and was asleep" I said to no one in particular.  Namjoon chuckled hearing that. "Think he'll find that out after he calls her until she answers" Namjoon commented "so who did you meet with if not Ker" he asked. "I met with Layla for coffee" I grinned   "Oh a date!" Jimin cooed. "Nooo" I denied but Jimin and Namjoon laughed. "Yes sure." Jimin slapped a hand on my shoulder. "Yo! Hobi you owe me 10! Tae got the girl!" He called out. "You bet on me?" I stared at him, then hugged him. "I'm so happy you bet I would win!" He said jumping up and down excitedly. Jimin was forced to jump up and down to and started laughing with me. "Now we need to find a girl for kooki since he didn't get Layla" Hobi said coming closer with Kooki "You confessed to her?" Kooki asked. "I don't know " I said.  I was actually confused if I confessed, if she confessed or if we just made a date. Well okay we made a date but was that it? "How can you not know?" Jimin shook my shoulders. "I don't know" I shrugged. "Did you tell her you like her?" Jimin asked. "Uh it was said I liked her" I said "And does she like you?" Jimin asked. "I think so, it was somewhere in the conversation" I said. "And you two are going on a second date?' Jimin asked. "First. Rock climbing" I grinned. "I like rock climbing more then you" kooki mummbled. Jimin and hobi started running in circles around Tae and Kooki singing "Tae and Layla sittin in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes loves, -" Tae as clapping  along and singing with them. Kooki left the room, escaping. No view** In the hallway kooki brushed passed Yoongi who was on the phone talking to Keri. Passing him Yoongi grabbed his arm but kooki pulled away from him and stomped away.  "Hey where are you going?" Yoongi called out Kooki didn't reply but continued on. He went for a run to clear his mind hoping he wouldn't have to think about Layla and Tae. Meanwhile Tae was dancing around with Jimin and Hobi announcing he had a date when Yoongi came back in. Tae ran and hugged yoongi. "If it wasn't for your girlfriend I wouldn't have this chance" Tae said. "Thanks for liking keri!" He said. Yoongi gave him a confuser look but shook his head. "Yes whatever.  Keri's sleeping the rest of the day. She finished her book and submitted it to her editor today" yoongi said.
Awww poor Kookie *hugs* Hmmm....now you need to find him a girl too! New character introduction?! lol😉
ahhhhh I love love love it!!!!! oh now to find a gal for kooki...
So happy for Tae....but poor Kookie (and where was Jin through this whole thing?)
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@JaxomB lol. he'll have to make an appearance.
he's going to run into @SugaKookieV while running and be amazed by her....jk you know I loved you @SugaKookieV. but I still bet he runs I mean literally runs into a girl and then gets all bashful. lol
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kookie my wrecker so hope he stays in his lane...but I need more namjoon scenes. lord he kills me with his intelligence...Gosh I can't wait for this next chapter...
Aw, poor Kookie ☹️ will he be paired up with Mia? Or me? Lol jk....oooh play match-maker with the people in the comments section lol that would be funny to see