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I would like to introduce you guys to the debut of 'I'. 'I' is the younger sister of B1A4's Baro. Her real name is Cha Yun Ji and her stage name means 'child'.
But enough about that, I think 'I' is a really great singer. Her voice is strong and powerful and she can belt out some notes. And let me just throw in that it feels like an honor to hear Tiger JK on the track.
As for the music video, this has to be my favorite one so far though. I love how she basically brought back the late 90's and early 2000's with the whole dancing in the music video thing. I mean there isn't really much of a storyline in the music video but there is dancing and the dancing is fairly good.
What do you guys think of this debut song?
Did you guys know that Baro's younger sister would be debuting?
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