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Hello fellow Candies! I hope you all are having a wonderful week, if you're a little stressed out or life is throwing curve balls, I hope this card will at least put a smile on your face.

Like I’ve said before I first saw Takuya in a drama The Lover. He instantly stole my heart because of his cuteness, and the sexy evil looks he would give Joonjae…I was jealous of Joonjae… I watched this thinking he was Korean because he sounds so natural with the language, but he’s Japanese. When I found that out I was actually reading a lot of manga and my favorite Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Host Club with the Prince charm came to mind. Takuay is a prince, he has that aura about him, he’s tall and handsome shy and quite, but when comfortable or around his CG members he can be outgoing and playful which reminded me of my personality, and I’ve found the idols I tend to fall for match my personality a lot of the time but there are those few who are complete opposite of my personality such as Key and Shin. I have a couple of friends who are out going and when I’m around them I’m more out going.
I started listening to Cross Gene because of Takuya, when I find a person I like I tend to read up on them and find if they do anything else so that’s how I came across Cross Gene. So Takuya started it all, I was hooked from the first MV I watched which was none other than Play with Me and then I saw Shin and went down hill from there. All I could think was “Damn he looks like a Korean version of L from Death Note” and that’s when I found how close they were and started to ship Takushin. I love how close they are they don’t care who their around they act like lovers or close brothers. Takuya is very grateful for Shin because he helped him when he debuted in the group. My favorite part in the video one of them anyway is the end where Shin jumps at Takuya I don’t know why I just love it I laugh every time.
one of my backgrounds I made for my computer...seriously I'm not obsessed or anything ;) hehe
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