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Hello everyone!!

You all probably know this since it's been posted everywhere!! But it's D.O's birthday!!!! Yes, it is Satansoo's birthday!!!! Much happiness!! Much cuteness!! cX

Anyway, let's get right to the pictures and gifs of this adorable little penguin!!


Satansoo with glasses!?!? Just take me now!!!!!!!!

Wah!!?!?!? D.O is!!!!

Bu-but!?!? I never saw you as sexy D.O!! You're too squishy to be sexy!!!!

Gah!! He's such a model!!!! So perfect, so squishy!!!

I love D.O!!!! He's so funny and adorable and his voice!!!! *-*

Ahhhh!!!! He always looks so serious, but when he's just messing around, he acts so silly and adorable!!

How can you not love D.O!?!?!?!!?

D.O, you are always able to put a smile on my face!! The way he acts and just his personality makes him stand out and just make up his perfect little self!! Don't worry D.O, you're taller than me at least cX

And no matter what people say about his height, he has such a powerful voice!! He has such a unique voice and it's so pretty~~ D.O is just such a perfect small bean~

Anyway, I love D.O so much, and I hope he had an amazing today!! I hope that he continues to be his serious self so that when he stops being serious, he's a complete dork!! I hope you all also have an amazing day today C: We love you so much D.O!! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

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My daughter now understands why he's called Satansoo after watching him on Running Man.