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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...
Y/N's POV After that night, Ju Kyung went back to being the same person he always was around you. Jay asked you out for drinks with the guys and you came out to hang with them. Ju Kyung performed beautifully it was like the conversation never happened that night. He sent you one text when you got home that same night saying he was having the contract drawn up and he wanted to make sure you were sure about the trial being four months. You told him it was fine but it wasn't really. You were basically meant to obey him and only him for four months. You had no idea why that had you so on edge. Yes you did. You didn't even want to think about that right now. The mention of his name alone would bring back too many memories for you to handle. Still, being a pet wasn't as bad as what happened back then and at the very least you knew Ju Kyung he wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Not on purpose at least. Though it seemed he did let his emotions get to him once, which caused a girl to get hurt. It happened once and from his list of past pets perhaps it wasn't that big of a deal. He didn't seem to have that problem again. You were just curious as to how everything was going to work. You couldn't see yourself as the type to easily give into being a toy and your mind was just not wrapping around the idea that Ju Kyung secretly had this other side to him. Your favorite weirdo was a freak. Normally that's a plus and honestly if it was simple role play you'd be down for it with no hesitation. It was just a lot of contracts and demands and the fact that he'd had other women do it before. You shook your head. If you thought about it too much you'd go back on it. Either you needed action real bad or you wanted Ju Kyung more than you were letting yourself admit because you had every opportunity to walk out and you didn't. By the time the contract was official he sent it to you in the mail with a card that said you needed to read it over and note anything you didn't agree with and wanted removed from the contract. He'd discuss the changes with you at dinner at the same place at a later date. He seemed too formal through the writing; you didn't like it, it wasn't the guy you were used to. A picture of you and him hugging and making idiotic faces at the camera on one end while Jay, Chase and Kiseok hugged it out on the other side sat on your desk in your room. All you could do was lean back and stare at that photo. A smile crept up on your face thinking about how much fun you always have with him. You rolled your eyes. He just had to ask you to do this. Obviously very little affected him because he could go about his whole day in front of the guys as if he didn't ask you what he had. The twist in your stomach came back when you thought of the way he said it. He straightened his posture, laced his fingers together and with a straight face he said with an even more straightforward attitude, "I want you to be my pet." The first reaction was to laugh but your mind registered the words and you had to ask him again. He'd obviously done this before, he wasn't going to waste time beating around the bush. Even your questions he seemed unfazed by. He answered everything with as much information as you needed, perhaps too much. You read through the contract just as he had asked making notes and writing down your questions for him. You kept asking yourself why you were doing this, if you really didn't like it then why weren't you saying no? Because it was Ju Kyung. That was the only thing you could think of that justified you going against yourself. You wanted him, he was hot. You shook your head at your own illogical decision making. A hotness level was nothing to base such a decision off of. You weren't going to listen to yourself either way. At this point it was just a buckle up and enjoy the ride kind of moment. Sometime during the week just after receiving the contract, Ju Kyung sent a seamstress over to your place to get your measurements. She was kind of pushy and a bit rude but apparently Ju Kyung had his pets outfits hand made by her. You still didn't know what he wanted you to be. For business reasons, Ju Kyung couldn't meet up with you again for another two weeks. He had something to settle in Daejeon so he set the meeting for a Friday night. You had honestly been tense for two weeks, you didn't know what was going to happen or if you were going to like anything he was going to say to you. Ju Kyung had you picked up again and you met him in the same private area as before. He was in his jet black suit and his tie was red and black. He sat up straight with good posture and you placed the contract on the table. "Have you read through all of it?" He asked. You nodded. "Any changes need to be made?" He asked. "The suspension part." You said quickly. "What about it?" He asked. "Change it to something else I refuse to be suspended." You said. "If it's fear you're going to get hurt I can assure you it'll be safe." Ju Kyung said. "Take it out completely. I won't do it, not in private or your club." You said. He sighed and nodded. He went to the part in the contract that said it and crossed it out. You swallowed, your heart was pounding for some reason. "You mentioned in the contract that I'll be asked to perform at the club? Are you saying I have to perform sex in front of others?" He chuckled, "No, definitely not. They have pet shows." "Pet shows?" You laughed in disbelief. "Owners like to show off how well their pets are trained so they have them perform commands in front of owners as competition." "Commands like sit, stay and heel?" You asked. He nodded, "Other tricks you'll be taught during training." "You're going to train me?" You said. "Yes, you'll need to know how to behave. Obedience is required in a pet, I can train you well." "Oh my god stop talking." You said. The more information he gave you the more you started to think about backing out. You know what Y/n if you really don't want to do this then just leave. You haven't signed anything and he's letting you leave so just go. You stared at the table instead. You were independent, you were stubborn and you were never obedient. All of this went against who you were but you wouldn't get the fuck up. He had some kind of power over you, you still weren't understanding. Your curiosity was your biggest fault and that was what kept you there. Despite not liking what you were hearing, your curiosity was more powerful than your urge to leave. You took in a deep breath to calm yourself, "You mentioned punishments in the contract but you didn't state what types of punishments, it said open negotiation." You said. "There are various forms of punishments. If you don't behave, you'll be spanked or I'll make you be quiet for a certain amount of time and you won't be allowed to move. I've also placed pets in a cage." He said. "A cage? What, you have a cage for punishing girls?" "During certain circumstances." He said. "Well what circumstances?" "Y/n understand something you'd have to be very disobedient for me to put you in the cage." he said trying to calm you. "But you want to put me in there don't you?" You said upset. "Calm down Y/n." "How can I call down when you're telling me if I royally fuck up you're putting me in time out in a dog cage." You stood up catching your breath. Ju Kyung stood up and came over to you. He cupped your cheek gently and lifted your face so that you'd look at him. Your heart was racing. "I enjoy playing with my pets Y/n. I enjoy giving them pleasure. I use discipline to enforce good behavior but I can't do anything to you without your consent; you understand that don't you?" His voice was softer and calming and you calmed down. He brought his hands to your shoulders. "Pets are meant to obey their masters, you're willingly allowing yourself to obey me. I give you commands and you follow them, you're trained by me to do as I like. I can't do anything to you without your consent though. You're not okay with any of this, so we'll end the exchange." He said. "Ju Kyung I'm not a child but you need to understand you're introducing me to something I don't know and I don't understand." "I'm answering your questions Y/n." He said. "Yes but you're answering them as cooperate you not as Ju Kyung. You're not Ju Kyung not the one I know and that is what's freaking me out. There's this whole other side of you and I have no idea what you intend to do to me. You're asking me to be a toy." "I'm asking you to be a pet there's a difference." "How?" You said. He sat you back down but he remained standing. He leaned over you and stared in your face with a serious expression. Then suddenly he smiled, the big smile you knew him to have. The corners of your lips came up in a small smile when he smiled but then you contained yourself remembering what was going on. He kissed your forehead, "Did you read the section about play mode?" He asked softly. "Yes." You said looking back into his eyes. "Y/n you once said you'd do anything once as long as it wouldn't kill you. I'm offering you a trial, something temporary. You'll get a glimpse of this other half of me that you seem to be scared of, you'll get to see I'm not as bad as I seem. I'm a gentle owner as long as you behave, do you understand?" He said cupping your cheek. He gave you a soft kiss. You looked at him with wide eyes and he laughed, "What?" He said. "That's the first time we've kissed." You said. He gave you a gentle smile, his smile calmed you down. His thumb ran lightly across your cheekbone. This was the Ju Kyung you knew. This idiot was the one you adored. "That was barely a kiss. This is a kiss." He leaned forward and kissed you softly again but it was sensual, the heart stopping kind of kiss. His lips molded over yours and his tongue dominated yours but his lips tasted amazing. He tasted amazing! He pulled away from your lips leaving you aching for more. You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth before reminding yourself to take in air. Ju Kyung looked down at your face so lost in your features. "Are you ever dominant during sex with someone else Y/n?" He asked. "Very rarely." You said. "With me, during play mode you'll always be submissive. When you're under me, your heart will race, you'll be out of breath and you'll want more. Play mode is where you find pleasure, you get to have me. I'll be this gentle to you or," He ran his hand through your hair and gripped it tight and pulled your head back and you moaned getting excited by the quick action, "As rough as you like." "Ju Kyung." You said weakly. "Y/n I want you as mine. That's what you're agreeing to. You're agreeing to be here for my pleasure. You're giving yourself to me, that's why obedience is needed. If you're mine you obey and if you don't you need to be punished. I can't reward you if you're bad." He said. His business manner was gone, his hand left your hair and you looked down at him. He held the back of your chair and stayed leaned over you. "In the beginning weeks it will be just discipline. I'll help you learn how to please me. You'll learn how to sit, move about how I want you to, certain tricks I want you to do you'll learn them. Then once you've learned you'll need to obey me, if you misbehave that's when you'll be punished. You get three strikes the moment you've exceeded the three strikes you'll be put in the cage." "For how long?" You asked. He chuckled, "I was under the impression you'd do anything to stay out of it." He said. "I can't promise that, I have a smart mouth so how long?" You said. He gave you a smaller smile, "Ten minutes, you'll be required to be silent and still with each sound and movement you makes two minutes will be added on." He said. "How long have you had a girl locked up in a cage before?" "Up to thirty minutes." "Thirty?" You said shocked. "She was a very disobedient pet, she wasn't trained well I have to admit. I've done better with other pets. Still thirty minutes was the maximum time we set and I was not allowed to exceed that time limit." "So she has a say in it." You said. "I pride myself in not being like other pet owners Y/n. Masters are meant to take care of their pets, even if they're disobedient their safety and consent is top priority. All Masters follow this or at the very least they should but there are some masters who require their pets to give them everything. Do you remember how you were worried about your job? I've met men who have had their pets quit their jobs, I've met men who have had their pets give them everything they owned." You tensed at that, it sounded extreme. It was extreme. "I would never ask you to do this for me or any of my pets for that matter. To begin with my contracts are temporary and are renewed or remade with a new pet because another pet has decided to leave. For another reason, my wish isn't to make my pets become animals themselves. There are certain behaviors I find enticing and erotic when done by my female pets that I wouldn't find erotic if an actual animal does it. There are Masters that have a line they don't cross over like me and then there are master who are so far from the line they can't even see it. Anything goes for them. Complete submission in that extreme is not something I could do nor would want you to do." Ju Kyung explained. "I'm not judging you for the things you like Ju ju. I just don't understand it." "When people are on the outside looking in, they're shielded by a glass wall. It's almost impossible to understand them or their situation until you're in it yourself." You looked up at him and gave him a small smile, he repeated words to you that you had told him when he was being too harsh on some of the staff members. Kyungil was one of his younger staff members and he was having a rough patch in his life. He was showing up to work late, he was tired and he was disheveled all the time. You happened to stop by and you were headed out to party with Jay and the others when you saw him hurrying out of the building. He asked you about the time because he was looking for the next bus stop. Ju Kyung had complained to you about this guy multiple times for his sloppiness and tardiness. You felt bad for the guy and offered to take him home since he missed the bus. When you arrived at his house, you knew why he was the way he was. His wife was sick and his parents were taking care of his children, triplets. He was losing hope in everything but he was running on fumes everyday trying to help his family survive. So you did what you did best, you helped him get organized. You helped him with his papers and got things in order and you had him put his triplets on a schedule. You were good with kids so you were able to get everything in line for him. Ju Kyung knew you'd taken him home that night but you never told him that you helped him out. You simply told him Ju Kyung that Kyungil's wife was ill and that he needed to give Kyungil a break. You fed him that line, those exact words. He didn't seem to understand them back then but when his performance imporved you talked him into giving Kyungil a raise. During the Christmas party that year, Kyungil had pulled you aside and told you that the raise helped him pay for the medical bills for his wife's treatments. She was getting better, he gave you a gift in return for your help. He said it wasn't much but he wanted to give you something. It was a gold key chain with an angel on it. It was on your purse so it was with you where ever you went. Ju Kyung had been watching you that night. He was trying to figure out what had gone on between you and Kyungil but he heard the story while spying on you. Though he said you were too nice, he finally understood what you had told him and he admitted that he could be too cruel at times. Those words finally came back on you. From the outside looking in, all of this seemed insane and you were uneasy about it. You couldn't understand how Ju Kyung felt about this type of life style until you tried it yourself, even on a trial basis. You had an adventurous soul which is why you'd try anything once. You sighed, "You explained in the contract that taking on the role as your pet wasn't only sexual. Obedience is an obvious need for you but you also mentioned unconditional love. You said this wasn't anything but a sexual relationship." "It is. However, what I meant was that you being a pet for sexual purposes was during play mode only. For moments when we are at the club or I call you over I may just require you to be a pet. Do tricks , perhaps train you or play with you. The more obedient you are the more I'll like to show you off at the club." He smiled. "Ju Kyung you know the type of person I am, you know how I act; why would you want me as a pet? I know you explained yourself that day but honestly it doesn't make sense to me." "I honestly didn't think you'd agree to it but you've taught me a lot of things over the years I've known you and one of them was to ask, even when you think you know the answer. Over the weeks I believed you'd back out of it, I even thought if I kept reminding you that it was temporary you'd leave. A moment ago I thought you'd leave and- I didn't want you to. I've been craving you for a while now," His face became serious again, "I didn't want you to leave, I knew as soon as you got up that I didn't want you to leave. I want you to try it, I want you to be my pet because I want you. I've thought about you for a long time now, I've thought about this for a long time. The fact that you've stayed happy this long has made me happy." He said. "When we hang out with the others and I drink and act out, if I do something to you. If I say something to you that you don't like, will you punish me?" "Not then and there." "I wouldn't have been your pet then." You said. "When you sign the contract you're always my pet until the contract is up. It's to make sure good behavior continues, if I allowed you to act out that way then you'd never learn." "I'm not an infant Ju Kyung." You said. He smiled, "You've said it yourself you have a smart mouth. As my friend, I like it and find it funny but as my pet I wouldn't tolerate it. You're not asked to be a smart ass you're asked to be playful, and adoring and obedient." "That word is going to drive me up a wall." "You're doing well." He smiled. Somehow he now knew what his smile could really do to you. It just calmed you down. "Tell me about the playmode." "You said you read it." "Well obviously it's sex Ju Kyung but there's more to it than that isn't it? What would you ask me to do?" "You'd have to wear your suit and your collar before it begins. Other than that you're following commands. Moving where I tell you to move, kissing or licking what I tell you. In return, like I said, I'll be as gentle or as rough as you like but my moods will determine which I choose." "Am I required to comfort you?" You asked. "Masters comfort their pets." He said. "Pets comfort their Masters. You said we're friends right, well pets are humans friends too. You're asking me to behave like an animal why is that an exception?" He thought for a second and shrugged, "Alright Y/n if you find I need comfort then comfort me, in a pet manner." He said. "I need a grace period." "How long?" He asked. "A week." "A week?" He said confused. "Yes because I still bleed Ju Kyung and I won't want to be played with while that happens." You said. He nodded, "Alright fine but you must notify me you're taking your grace period the moment it starts and the moment it ends." He said. "Fine." He wrote it down in the contract. "In the event that I have an office party or office event, you need to come with me as my date." You said. He looked at with a hard expression. "Y/n." He said sternly. "Think about it Ju Kyung, the office party will be filled with men getting drunk and will be putting their hands on your precious pet, to stop them you should be there. Plus you're not allowing me to date or sleep with any other man to begin with so at the very least you're protecting what belongs to you." You said. He shook his head, "No." "Well fine I'm sure I can always take Jay or Chase with me instead. Then again with how we act around each other when I'm drunk we'd get into so trouble." "Y/n don't bait me that's a dangerous game to play." He said with dark eyes. "I'm giving up something very important to me for a trial basis Ju Kyung. You're asking me to be purely devoted to you in a way I haven't even been with-" You cut yourself off that time. You didn't need to think about it. You didn't need to mention it. Ju Kyung looked at you curiously, "Y/n?" "If you won't come then you need to let me take one of them." You said trying to push past him so he didn't ask. Not now. "I will go with you but you need to give me a week advance notice. If I can't make it and I can't reschedule my plans then you'll have my permission to take one of the guys." "There's one more thing before I sign the contract." You said. "What is it?" He asked. "I want you to take me to the club. Let see what I'm getting into." You said. "You have to be a pet to get in." "If I'm going with you then just say I'm a pet." You said. "Y/n you'd be considered a new pet they'd have you register as one there. You'd also have to go in pet attire and you'd have to act like a pet." He said. "Then call me a stray and you're in the middle of training me." You said. You meant that first half as a smart ass remark but his smile grew when you said stray. "Look what does it matter if I have to register if I'm going to sign the contract anyway?" You said. "What if you don't, what if you see something you don't like and choose not to sign?" "Will I see something there I won't like Ju Ju? Even if I do, will it matter if I'm yours? No one else can touch me, right? So just take me." He sighed, "Fine, when do you want to go?" "Tonight." You said. "You always have to be difficult don't you?" "Ju Kyung there's more to me than meets the eye." You said. He shook his head and rose from his chair with the contract in hand. He held his hand out to you and helped you stand. The moment you were standing on your own he let your hand go. He walked you out and he paid for the room you two stayed in. He made his way next to you and his hand slipped around your waist. You couldn't help but smile at the way he touched you. He held the door open for you to get into the car and then he jumped inside on the drivers side. You noticed he was doing things like this now. He had even put your seat belt on for you. He drove you to his place and took your seat belt off and made sure you didn't open the door for yourself. He led you through his house and you realized it was the first time you'd been in his place since you two met. It was far more extravagant than you thought he might have or even want but it had a cold air to it. Almost as though when you walked in the house itself, it was trying to tell you to get out. He led you down the hall, the walls were a dark steel gray color which added to the creepy atmosphere and he led you to what you assumed was his bedroom. He walked you inside and on the bed were: three body suits one in white, one in beige and one in black. Above the body suits were ears on a head band and at the foot of the bed were shoes the same color as each body suit. "Your main suit is the beige one. Any time my mood changes I'll expect the color of your suit too as well. The white will be for a softer day, where as black is for a more naughty approach. The beige is neutral ground. If I haven't expressed to you which color I want you to wear you are expected to come in that one completely with the ears and shoes. As for your collar," He walked over to the dresser and grabbed a blue velvet box and the clasp was gold. He gave it to you to open. Inside was a black choker necklace with a small black bead hanging from it in the middle. The necklace looked like flowers around it. It looked very cute. "Go ahead and get dressed while I continue." He said. You looked at him wondering if he'd stay in there. He fully intended to stay and perhaps even watch. You put the collar down and started to strip. As he spoke you were putting on the suit. "During your time as a pet you'll address me as Master when you're given permission to speak. When you are given the command to be silent, you are not to say a word. When you're given the command speak, the silence command is voided. The only time in which you can speak during a silence command is when you're speaking the safe word or you need to use the bathroom. I will feed you regularly at specific times and you'll be given an schedule I would like you to follow. Your safe word is Cotton." "Cotton?" You said. He nodded and continued, "You're pet name is Velvet. When I say the phrase 'Hello Velvet' your role as my pet has begun. When I say 'Enough Y/n' you are to step out of your role as pet. It's important to remember these phrases because when the role begins you're mine and meant to be obedient. When the role ends, you need to resume the person you are. If you're not careful your mind can be effected. It's like an actor does method acting, it can cause the actor to believe they're that character like with you. If you don't assume your role you could believe you are a pet. During playmode, you will be given toys to play with; you are only to touch me when I give permission. You are not to touch yourself unless given permission. Any command given during your role as pet must be followed even in playmode if you disobey you will receive punishment. If you behave you will receive a reward. Treats are given to a pet for good behavior and proper obedience during play mode, out of play mode and during training as long as you are actively a pet. As you can see, I've made you a rabbit. You will not be required to be on your hands and knees however once you go through training you may be requested to hop on command. Affections, such as hugging and kissing are only done when requested by the master. When we visit the club, you'll be asked to wear make up. This time I will allow you to go without it. These things you should've read in the contract at least most of it already." He said. You nodded, the suit was on along with your shoes, ears and the collar was on too. You looked at Ju Kyung who was eyeing you up and down. "It fits well." You said. "She's the best, it looks good against your skin. Let's go." He said holding out his hand. You took his hand in yours and he pulled you along, "Never walk in front of me unless you're told to always beside me behind me. I will hold your hand when we walk together and especially when going into the club. I want you to stay close when we're there and don't talk too much okay?" You nodded, "Okay." He took you to the car and you two headed to the awaiting club.....
These intros tho.. They just keep getting better and better. Hahaha
Smutance. Really Craig??
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