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So we left at day 92. Again I'm sorry for being very late but like I said life is very crazy for me and I had no time to do this challenge until now. Picture ~Cloud from Final Fanasty artist ~i don't know but I like the picture.
Day 92 Favorite highschool character. This is hard but I have to go with Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.
Day 93 Hottest anime Guy. I don't know how I'm going to pick but this is just like 89 so this on will get it's own card
Day 94 favorite nendoriod. hmm I don't really collected nendoriod. I collected full sizes and pops. but that's it so I really don't have a favorite.
Day 95 favorite manga. hmmm I have way to many because I read a lot. so this too well have it's own card
Day 96 anime character frame in my room. at the moment due to me moving to a new home all my stuff is being pack. but I have a Sebastian poster that goes in my room.
Day 97 an anime character that I want to see in my nightmare. Haha I actually had a nightmare of an anime character Sephiroth from Final Fanasty, Itachi unchiha from naruto, Cifer Ulquiorra from Bleach and there was one more person but I do not remember who it was but that was the weirdest dream and the last time I'm watch different animes in one day.
Day 98 male character best kimono ever. I have to say Kazama Chikage from Hakouoki. I love very thing about his kimono. The coloring, the detail everything.
Day 99 female character's best Yukata ever. I do not remember her name but she from Inuyasha. I find this Yukata very cute and I wish I had a daughter for I can get one like this one just because I love how it looks. I really don't know why I like it to be honest.
Day 100 confess my love for an anime character. oh boy this is a long long list. like honestly I cant choose for this one so this one will also have it's own card.
Ok those are all the days that I have missed and that took a long time to day. later today I'll do day 93, day 95 and day 100 with there own cards. Each will have 10 different characters on each card. And 10 different manga that I like. anyways I need so sleep and I'll see you guys later.