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I look down and see the people the size of ants. Cars very small. I lost track of how tall this building is. I can easily just take one step and end all the pain. I take a deep breathe. "Here I go... Fuck You world." I take a step. What's weird is that I am not feeling myself falling. I look up and see a tall guy with light purple streaks on his hair holding tightly onto my hands. "Your life matters! There is people in this world who care about you! " he yells at me. A tear rolls down my cheek " Just please leave me alone. Just let me fall. " "Please just think, I can see how you truly are! I can see beauty, joy, happiness, but ur letting all the negatively hide that! Please let me help you! Killing yourself isn't going to solve anything!" A little voice inside my head is telling me to believe him. I nodd. He reals me in and holds me tightly on the floor. I cry my eyes out. "Don't worry I mabey a stranger but you can trust me. I'll always be here for you." he pets me on the head. After 30 minutes of me crying in his arm he takes me to his car. "Where do you live? Let me take you home." I hesitate "I uh actually don't have a home... I got kicked out..." He sighs to himself. A minute went by and he came to a conclusion. "It's fine you can live with me." My eyes widened. "No it's fine don't wo-" he cuts me off. "Nope it's settled then. " He turns the engine on. "But I don't even know your name? " "Ohh yeah I'm sorry my name is Kim Namjoon. I'm a former member of a well known kpop group. " I bow my head slightly. " My name is (y/n)." "Nice to officially meet you (y/n)." he smiles cutely to me. "Oh by the way I live with all my other members don't worry they will care for you as much as I'm going to." Namjoon winks. My face Burns up. "Thank you"
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