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The West did not start the war in Syria. Until chemical weapons were used in the war, it has had no direct implication in it — and feeble indirect ones other than to assist the victims. It is the Syrians’ war and that of the other Arabs who have chosen to take part. The rebellion in Syria has divided into sectarian factions: the Alawites led by President Bashar Assad; Sunni Islamists supported by Saudia Arabia and Gulf Arabs; Shiite radicals supported by Iranians and Hezbollah; Kurds; plus several Christian communities trying to escape the fighting. Many Western officials and individuals have since 2001 implicitly or explicitly identified the 9/11 attacks as the first blows in a global clash of Muslim and Western civilizations, a notion then in fashion among Western policymakers, picked up from the academic world and accepted by credulous Muslim intellectuals and activists as a plausible (if wrongheaded) explanation of the West’s enmity toward their society.