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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my beautiful MooMoo and soon to be MooMoo. It's your mod supporter here 이솔다 bringing you another lovely Wheein Wednesdays (late). She's so talented ahhh I love it so let's check out a few collaborations and song covers.

Self-Composed Song

1) MODERATO - "Moosical"


Our beautiful lady has done 13 covers!! That's a lot and I have no favourites ㅠㅠ. mostly because I love them all. But tell me...which is your favourite(s)...Have you heard them? which ones haven't you heard? **Bold ones are the linked ones** 1 일) Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat 2 이) Who's Your Mama? by J.Y.Park 3 삼) I Don't Know What Love Is Yet by Lee Ji Yeon 4 사) Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding 5 오) She Was Pretty by J. Y. Park 6 육) Pink Lipstick by Kan Jong Wook 7 칠) Don't Speak by No Doubt 8 팔) Short Hair by Cho Young Pil 9 구) Memory of the Wind by NAUL 10 십) You Inside My Memories by Lee Seun Gi 11 십일) Nothing Better by Jeong Yeop 12 십이) Lay It Down by Lloyd 13 십삼) Stuck by Stacie Orrico


Wheein with an amazing 8 collaborations...yasss Which are your favourite(s)? Have you heard of them? Which ones haven't you heard of? 1 일) 야 (Ya!): Sandeul [B1A4] 2 이) Ex-Girl: Monsta X 3 삼) Narcissus: Heechul & Jungmo 4 사) Please Just Go: Louie [Geeks] 5 오) Domino: CNBLUE 6 육) Is You: Geeks 7 칠) The Sunlight Hurts: Standing Egg 8 팔) Under Age's Song: Phantom


1 일) ANGEL: Angel Line (Solar & Whee In) Both "mv" and lyrics.
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