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Can You Spell You Name With Idols?
Just using this picture to get your attention ;)

Now that you're here: I have a puzzle hahaha

Can you spell your name with Idols?

(ps, a few letters are really hard so you can also use names of groups!)

Here's meeeeeee

K - Kyungsoo (happy birthday)
I - IU
M - Myungsoo
C - Changsub
I - In Guk (Seo hahaha)

Leave yours in the comments^^

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Z- Zico O-ones E- Eunji Y- Young Jae
7 months ago·Reply
M- Myungsoo I- Inseong R- Ren A- Amber N- N D- Dokyeom A- Ailee
7 months ago·Reply
K-kookie A-amber??? T-taehyung H-Hoseok Y-yoonmin (suga)
7 months ago·Reply
7 months ago·Reply
C- Cha Eunwoo I- Inseong A- Aron N- N N- Namjoon A- Amber
6 months ago·Reply