JANUARY 12TH, 2017!!!!

IT'S MY 2ND UB's BIRTHDAY!!! Though we don't know his age we'll probably find out on the broadcast later today. They posted 4 photos: a baby photo, two selcas, and an official photo (above).
From BIGFLO Twitter "I’m very very happy to be so welcomed on my first birthday with all of our #Waves   I’m so happy to be able to feel your love for me today❤️ I’m sincerely thankful, and please be careful not to get sickㅠㅠ If Waves are sick I’ll be sick too!!"
From BIGFLO OFFICIAL "❤HAPPY LEX DAY❤  All of our #Waves❗ Today is #Bigflo #Lex’s Birthday   Please give Lex birthday wishes   #BIGFLO #LEX #Stardom  #HAPPY_LEX_DAY   #HAPPY_BIRTHDAY "
From BIGFLO Japan OFFICIAL "Today is Bigflo Lex’s birthday  All of our Waves! I am waiting for a lot of birthday messages  #Bigflo" This right here is my fave selca. He looks even more handsome. I wonder what they'll be doing on their live broadcast today! Check it out if you can!! http://vlive.tv/video/20342

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Ahh! He's so sweet 😍